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Why It’s Important to Maintain a Healthy Carpet in Your Home

Take a look around your home and you will probably see that almost every room is carpeted. It’s soft, it’s warm, it’s comfortable and we use it everyday.

A carpet can provide sound insulation and save you money on heating bills. It is non slip and, when treated right, it looks great too.

But even when your carpet looks good, are you sure it is as healthy deep down?

#1. Health Benefits

Though carpets do have a lot of aesthetic benefits, they also harbour dirt and grime which can have a significant effect on your health. Smaller children with delicate skin and lungs can easily become susceptible to the irritants that accumulate within an uncared for carpet, which can lead to medical problems in later life.

And as we walk on our carpets everyday we also bring in toxic car exhaust particles, pollen and pesticides that then build up under our feet and cause issue for many residents or home owners.

Even brand new carpets that come with that ‘new carpet smell’ contains irritants that can be harmful to younger children or those that suffer from irritant based medical issues such as asthma and eczema.

Only by cleaning your carpet on a regular basis is it possible to eradicate these irritants and maintain a healthier living space for you and your family.

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#2. Carpet Mites

There are a range of creepy crawlies that can live in your carpet. Some are completely harmless while others cause damage to you and your property.

Pet lice that can breed within the fibres of the carpet can bite and suck human blood, which can be uncomfortable and rather embarrassing.

Some will produce droppings that can cause reactions for those with breathing or skin issues, while others can actually eat away at your carpet and your furniture, causing damage within your home.

Though vacuuming alone will not eradicate such pests, full and professional cleaning can remove these little terrors and leave your home much cleaner and safer.

#3. Adding Value to Your Home


There is nothing better than a room with a well cleaned carpet. It sets off the room and makes everything look tidier and smarter.

For those wishing to sell their house, a clean carpet can add to the price a potential buyer is willing to pay and also create a much more positive first impression which can be essential when enticing people in.

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#4. Keeps the Smells Away

Our carpets take a lot of battering. We walk on them, roll on them and spill things on them. And over time they pick up smells and odours that build up. However simply by removing the causes of those unpleasant scents your home is a far better place to live.

#5. Financial Benefits

But keeping your carpet in good shape is not only good for your own health, but it can also improve your financial well being as well.

Keeping a carpet in a good state of repair, cleaning it regularly and addressing any spots or stains can improve the longevity of your covering and ensure that you don’t have to go to the expense of buying a new one before you need to.

So keep your carpet clean and the benefits to you, your family and your pocket can keep everyone happy.



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