Michael Jackson's Thriller Music Video

Why Michael Jackson’s Thriller Music Video Was Legendary

The debut of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video in 1983 was one of the most memorable in music video history. Jackson’s ambitious music video that paid homage to the classic monster movies from the past was viewed by millions during its debut in December of that year. Here are some reasons why this video was so unforgettable and legendary.

It Had a Famous Director

Jackson’s commitment to producing a cinematic quality music video started with getting famous director John Landis to helm the project. Landis was responsible for top movie hits from the 80s like Animal House, The Blues Brothers, and Trading Places. The 74 Venice Film Festival featured a 3D version of the video that showed even more of Landis’ unique vision.

It Was One of the Most Expensive Ever

With a big-name director attached to the project, the shoot for the video also earned a title for being the most expensive music video produced ever. The half a million-dollar budget was the priciest for a music video at that time. The budget covered the large cast, the locations, extensive makeup effects, and other parts of the production.

It Is Still Popular Today

Despite being almost 40 years old, the video is still enjoyable and popular with people of all ages. Flash mobs doing the video’s signature zombie dance have popped up in recent years, celebrating the incredible choreography from the production. Every Halloween, the song and video gains even more fans as it plays across radio stations and television channels around the world. John Branca, who manages Jackson’s estate, continues to work to keep this song and video relevant to today’s music lovers. 

The dawn of the music video age in the 1980s can’t be discussed without mentioning the iconic Michael Jackson video for Thriller. This mini-movie produced with the look of a cinematic classic continues to delight and thrill music fans today.

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