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Why Outside Maintenance Is Important

You regularly carry out household chores, such as vacuum cleaning and washing up, to ensure that your home remains hygienic and looking its best – your house can quickly become dirty after a few days’ worth of unwashed dishes and unemptied trash cans. You might previously not have given much thought to outside maintenance; however, as your garden is the first thing that visitors notice about your home, it is well worth paying as much attention to your property’s exterior as to its interior. Read on to find out more about why outside maintenance is important.

1. Encourage new growth

Nothing lifts the spirits more than seeing colourful plants and flowers blooming in your garden; however, some maintenance needs to be carried out to ensure that your plant life has the space to bloom year after year. Remove all debris from shrubs that have died back to ensure that space has been cleared for other plants to come through. You could even turn the debris into nutritious mulch on a compost heap that can then be spread onto your soil. Trim back any larger shrubs and trees to encourage new growth in the spring.

2. Nurture a healthy pond

As well as encouraging the growth of new plants and shrubs, regular maintenance is also essential for ensuring that your pond remains healthy. A pond provides an important ecosystem that encourages wildlife to visit your garden but make sure that you keep it clean so that it remains healthy and thriving. A good quality pond filter and pump will remove debris and algae growth from your pond, keeping it clean and enabling a good oxygen flow. This helps to keep your pond in ecological balance for aquatic plant life and wildlife. Visit for more information about pond filters to keep your pond clean.

3. Maintain outside furniture

Your garden might include outside furniture, such as a swing chair, shed, and table and chairs set. However, constant outside exposure to the elements might have taken its toll, with the result being that your outside furniture may no longer look its best. This damage may even have made it unsafe to use – imagine the horror of your child getting nasty splinters from a rotted wooden climbing frame. Give wooden furniture a coat of wood nourishing oil at least once a year to ensure that it remains strong and stays looking its best. You should also consider storing your outside furniture away from the elements during the harsher winter months, perhaps in a garage or under a secure tarpaulin.

4. Create a good impression

The exterior of your property is the first thing that visitors are greeted with, and as such, a tidy, well-maintained garden is likely to leave them with a more positive impression of your home than a cluttered, uninspiring one. Creating a good first impression for potential buyers might be especially important if you are seeking to move and have put your house on the market.

However, even if you aren’t considering moving, every time you come home, seeing a view of your well-maintained garden will be a pleasant experience.

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