Why Planning the Perfect Date Matters

Why Planning the Perfect Date Matters – and Tips on How to Do It

For many couples, Valentine’s day is an opportunity to plan the perfect date. But the secret behind the success of many happy couples is that they do not wait around for a special day to plan a special date – instead, they make their regular dates as extraordinary as they can get. And if it is your first date together, making it special can go a long way towards a great start. But how can you plan the perfect date?

First date? Take this opportunity to get to know each other

A first date is like the first few pages of a book or the first minutes of a new movie: it lets you know whether the rest will pique your interest and lays out the story that will unfold later. There is a lot to learn from the first time you go out with someone, so take this opportunity to showcase what you are really about. A fun way to go about this, which might relieve some stress, is to let each person plan half of the date: one might be in charge of drinks while the other looks after an activity or dinner. That way, you each get your chance to surprise the other person with something that will let them know more about your interests and personality – and if one half of the date does not go as planned, you will still have the rest to look forward to.

Pick something that will be fun for both

If you and your partner have been together for a while, it is even more important to surprise each other once in a while. If you feel like you are out of ideas for a fun date, then look for inspiration in unlikely sources. Follow news outlets and bloggers that focus on events in your area, or if you are feeling spontaneous then spin the Date Night Decider that Betway has developed and let fate choose for you. Whatever you do, remember that it has to be fun for both. And it’s always nice to come up with little traditions: if you both like movies, Thursday night could be cinema night and you can take turns picking a movie to surprise each other.

Taking a night out to focus on your relationship and make sure that you still spend quality time with each other is the best way to build strong foundations – whether you are just starting out in a new relationship or looking to reignite that flame.

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