Here’s Why Reddit LivestreamFails is “bad” for Twitch – Ludwig Reviews

Streamer Ludwig has shared his thoughts on his reasons for believing that the most popular Reddit Forum LivestreamFails is harmful to the industry of streaming. Ludwig, the Mogul Money creator said it was a long time before he moved from Twitch to join YouTube to understand that the subreddit is causing more harm than good.

In its initial year of creation, the Reddit Livestreamfails forum was first launched in 2015 and has since grown to include more than 1.4 million active users. It has existed with the purpose of being an additional hub on behalf of Twitch for a long time as users upload videos every day from their favorite streamers.

Although the website was criticized for its role in fueling drama on Twitch but it has also helped promote channels that range from Mizkif to Felix ‘ xQc Lengyel. However, according to YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren, the site is no longer beneficial to streamers, and actually is harmful for the entire industry.

Ludwig explains the reasons why LivestreamFails is not a good choice for streaming

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In his post on 17 February, Ludwig claimed streamers have placed too much emphasis in the significance of what’s being discussed in the Livestreamfails Reddit forum. “I’ve witnessed firsthand the amount of emphasis streamers place on this site. Many huge streamers open their phones to check LivestreamFails to find out what juicy gossip is being spread. It’s harmful to examine this type of discussion, which is not helpful at all,” he said.

Ahgren took aim on the subreddit, claiming it a place for gathering toxic substances. “LivestreamFail is repeatedly proven to be a swarm of negative energy. It took me to switching to YouTube to see how small it is, how tiny and irrelevant LivestreamFails as well as my personal community is in the overall world of things,” continued the commentator.

The streamer showed an image that showed how tiny his channel is in the scheme of all the existing creators of content. He then exclaimed “I’m tiny and LivestreamFails is only half as big as my audience but it’s got the power of PewDiePie’s influence multiplied by 10! It’s become the most popular streamer’s voice.”

Its Mogul Money creator told viewers that he believes the issue is due to streamers not having the ability to know what their viewers actually think which is why, as a consequence that the subreddit’s R Livestreamfail popularity ends in influencing a lot of the conversation.

Ahgren added that this forum moved away from simply posting clips from TV channels and has now shifted to news and gossip. “It’s not really failing any more or hilarious clips. It’s more about news that revolves around streamers. It’s less stream failures and more a few dozen streamers that we like in our media tabloids.”

Although Ludwig admitted that he had benefited from the subreddit early throughout his life, he insisted that the first exposure was insignificant when compared to the negatives in this forum channels that go well beyond.

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