Why Should you Do a Civil Background Check on Job Applicants

Why Should you Do a Civil Background Check on Job Applicants?

When a company is continuing to grow, hiring quality talent to help fuel the development is very important. While a good employee can be a great asset and addition to your company, hiring also comes with risks. As you will want to ensure that you are bringing on a quality employee that you can trust, doing all necessary background checks is important. Part of this should include completing a civil background check. There are several reasons why you should have civil background checks completed.

Civil Checks Provide Different Information

One of the main advantages of having a civil check done is that can provide you with information that would not come up in other searches. Most employers will require that criminal background checks and employment verification be completed on all candidates that they are considering. To get a full picture of a candidate, an additional civil check is helpful as it will provide detail and insight into whether the candidate has been named in lawsuits or other civil proceedings. This information would likely not be reported on the other checks.

Insight into Serious Misconduct or Poor Behavior

When you are going to hire someone new for your company, you will want it to be someone that you can trust and has a good professional reputation. If they have ever been sued by a former employer for serious misconduct, theft or leaking classified information during or after their employment, it will show up on their civil background check. This could be a sign that the applicant has poor professional values or ethics that could be a concern for future employers as well.

Additionally, if your past employee has a history of filing lawsuits against current or past employers, it could be a sign of concern. While some lawsuits are completely justified and should not be a concern, you should consider it a red flag if the applicant has a history of making frivolous legal claims. It is important to discuss these civil background findings with the applicant to fully understand the story.

Indication of Potential Financial Strain

Another reason that having a civil check done on all new potential hires is that you can get insight into whether they have any potential financial strain. Through a civil background check, you can see if they have been named in any judgments related to lawsuits or if they owe payments or back taxes that have resulted in a civil claim. In either situation, it could put a serious financial strain on the applicant’s personal finances. Due to this, you may be wary about hiring someone for a job where they control money and could be tempted to commit theft. For similar reasons, many employers are also required to complete credit checks on new applicants as well.

Ensure Fair Hiring Practices

Anyone that is going to hire a new team member needs to make sure they are being fair and balanced. A great way that this can be done is by completing all necessary checks and diligence on all candidates. You can then create an objective approach to assessing these reports and disqualifying candidates, which will ensure your hiring approach remains fair and in compliance with any regulations.

Why Outsource Service?

When it comes to completing civil background checks, it is almost always best to use a third-party service. Civil checks can be time-consuming and require a lot of work to complete as you may need to pull information from a variety of different sources. The third-party services will know the most efficient way to obtain information from different local court systems throughout the country. This can ensure that you get all the information you need to properly assess the candidate.

When you would like to hire a new member on your team, you will want to ensure that you are making the right choice. One report that can help you make this determination is a civil background check. There are many benefits and advantages that come with getting one of these reports and using a third-party service can help to make the background check process even more efficient for you and the applicant.

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