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Why Taking Your CPR/AED Certification Online Might Be Better Than In-Person Learning!

If you are a busy person – and you are working full time, you are in school, or you have any obligations to balance at the same time – you need to be able to work with your flexible and busy schedule. If you are considering taking the CPR/AED certificate for your job, for the business you own, or for your own peace of mind, then you need to figure out the best way that you can study for and complete this course without forgoing all of your other obligations.

Sometimes, the study in the attending of an in-person CPR class can be too much to balance with your busy life – if you have to drive 30 minutes or 1 hour to the location to earn your CPR/AED certification, then this can take up precious time that you could be working studying, or spending time with friends. Instead, why not take your CPR/AED certification online? See more how you can still have the same materials, you can spend your commute time studying, and you can better delegate your time to avoid any wasted time you spend in the car – or in traffic!

A few reasons why taking the CPR/AED certificate online is better than in-person learning!

If you are a busy person – and you are currently balancing work, life, and school – then you need to take a CPR/AED course that can work with your lifestyle. Avoid cramming everything into just a few days by using a CPR/AED certification online course – this way you can avoid spending time in your car commuting, you can better delegate your time for studying, and you can work from the comfort of your own home!

Take the course at home

One of the benefits of cutting the CPR/AED certification is so you can do it from the comfort of your home, remote office, or WiFi cafe. Being able to do the course wherever you choose allows you to be flexible to work with your schedule – if you need to take the course for a few hours after work, you can do so at your work office, at a remote cafe, or go home to study from your bedroom!

Flexible timing

Instead of having to go to an in-person class which may only be held during your work hours or time spent with friends – you can take the CPR/AED certification online to study and take the course at your own speed. This way, you can study and take the class whenever suits your busy schedule. Avoid spending your precious free time driving to and from the CPR/AED course – instead, do the course when you have the free time and the motivation!

Go at your own speed

The last reason to take your CPR/AED certification online is so you can go at your own speed – if you don’t know what you are having trouble with a section and you need to go back and review, you can do so! If you find a part of recourse to be easy and quick to understand, you can go through this section faster than you would in person.


If you are debating the pros and cons of taking your CPR/AED certification online vs. in-person, there are many pros to online learning. You can study from the comfort of your own home, you can go at your own speed, and you can avoid spending time stuck in traffic travelling to your in-person classes!

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