Why You Should Consider Video Marketing

Why You Should Consider Video Marketing

In the last decade, a surge in video marketing content has experienced popularity. In 2017, production cost was the primary issue that was majored on with little to no focus on the analysis and awareness. Later the video marketing experienced a transformation, mostly in the year 2019, into a business strategy. The strategy involves creating conversational, measurable, and actionable video content, which is majored on today. However, the video marketing industry has changed marketing products’ business and enabled the interaction between salesperson and consumers.

Statistics That Support Video Marketing

Statistics show that the use of video in marketing is the best marketing strategy in the internet age. According to Hubspot, 78% of people watch videos online every week, while Google research points out that 6 out of every ten online users prefer online videos more than television. Additionally, Hubspot found out that 72 % of customers learn about products through video. They also discovered that nearly half of internet users refer to videos related to a product before visiting a store. According to Unbounce, a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by about 80%. These stats support video marketing as relevant and a valued resource by consumers. Hence, the consumers mostly refer to videos that offer information about a service or product. It makes sense when you look at your shopping history since you most likely watched a video before purchasing a product.

Getting Started With Video Marketing

Before you begin filming a video, you need to find the type of video you want to create. Current trends show that video marketing has become a dominant player in online marketing and significant for your company. According to Spiel You need to take the following steps.

Like every marketing campaign, the first video campaign’s early stage is to decide on your goals and objectives. Why are you doing the initiative, and how are you going to calculate success?

Different Ways Of Describing Your Marketing Intent

Video Marketing Styles You Can Use To Create Your Marketing Video

The best way to describe your video marketing intends without getting too heavy on theory is to define its position in marketing.

  • Awareness

Do you want to add more individuals to your brand and begin a long-term marketing partnership with your clients? This purpose is also referred to as ‘knowledge.’ When you have a high value per sale or deal, this is especially good. Videos of knowledge can also help increase your audience.

If you’re making an awareness video, you’ll want to set goals linked to your brand’s exploration, not sales. Things like total views, 3-second views, and length of views are significant performance indicators.

  • Consideration

Do you need to strengthen your relationship and build excitement with potential customers? This video style is known as material’ consideration.’ If you want to develop a relationship that isn’t focused on bargain rates, this is worth doing.

The content of consideration is typically focused on your area of expertise and will show that you are an expert in your profession. The content of concern can be particularly useful for increasing your subscribers’ dependence on YouTube and your followers on other platforms.

When creating consideration videos, the primary criteria is click-through rate and view length. The click-through rate indicates how many individuals have been engaged enough to make the switch to your website or other content from your video. View length helps validate the viewers’ degree of interaction.

  • Conversion

Right now, do you want to sell a product or a service? Then ‘conversion’ is your goal. It is the pointy end of the marketing funnel and is where it will pay off to create relationships. If you’re meeting your client for the first time, then sharp rates or specific selling points can be helpful here.

The most important metric for your video conversion is revenue. Click-through rate is the other critical metric to keep an eye on. You may have a gap between your ads and your real product if people are clicking and not purchasing.

It’s vital think about who your target audience is now that you know what you want to do with your video(s), and in turn, and channels you will find them on.

  • Audience

The secret to a successful campaign is understanding who you’re selling to. Defining your target group allows you to consider who and what they are interested in talking to. The best way to do this is to build the ideal customer’s single or multiple personas. What’s the ‘ideal’ client? That varies by company, but it refers, in a general sense, to the customer who is the best match for your product and the kind of person who will benefit the most from your product or service. Hence, it would be wise if you created personas from demographic data such as age, gender, location, interests, industry, etc.. Companies such as Spiel use social media channels, preferred videos, and groups to help guide them on your preferred video style.

Video Marketing Styles You Can Use To Create Your Marketing Video

After undergoing the above process, you are ready to create a video found in the following categories.

  • Explainers can help inform individuals about the product and can be used in combination with directions, customer service activities, and a whole range of other applications.
  • Interviews may help foster side-to-side interaction or highlight a special guest or influencer. For example, if you make videos with guest experts, you can still re-use the audio and sell it as a podcast.
  • Demo videos and product reviews can be created in exchange for free items by brand ambassadors. It can be a perfect way to get free ads if you can find individuals in your company trying to improve their social following.
  • Live video is the best opportunity for your audience to get up close and personal, and it especially works well on social media.


Video is one of the world’s most common types of content, and the reality is that it is unlikely to go anywhere soon. And it makes sense: we yearn for link and personality in an impersonal digital world. Some of the best video marketing agencies like the Spiel team think beyond profit and product to offer the best videos.  In a real-life sense, we want to see and listen to people—it is meaningful. Video helps you connect to your audience to know how your business is fairing and your clients are doing. It also enables you to share your philosophy and give interesting facts about a particular service. Hence, by showcasing your positive attributes, they will most likely stick around.

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