How And Why You Should Think About Teaching English Abroad

How And Why You Should Think About Teaching English Abroad

Not nearly as high a percentage of Americans travel abroad as other countries like the UK and Germany. Which is a shame as there is a lot to be gained from international travel. And, teaching English abroad is a great way for many Americans to take advantage of language and see the world while getting paid.

It doesn’t even matter how old you are, as there are opportunities for just about everybody. If you are a recent college grad but aren’t sure what your next step in life should be, then this is a great way to pad your resume while you figure things out.

If you are a retiree that doesn’t like the idea of sitting around when your career is over, then this could be the adventure that suits you best.

In this article, I will go over some tips and ideas when it comes to getting started on teaching abroad.

1. Find your ideal location 

Your dream destination for teaching abroad is going to depend on a lot of things and not just where you would like to travel. You have visa free travel with a US passport, but that doesn’t mean that you have the right to live and work there.

First, get your passport if you don’t already have one and make sure it is sent by courier so you get it in a timely and safe manner. Couriers Chicago and others offer passport delivery services.

Next, make a list of countries you want to see and then find out what the requirements are for teaching English there. After that, you need to take a deeper dive. You should look into how likely you are to find a teaching position as some locations are over saturated with English speakers. Look for places where there is high demand but not as many Americans and Brits teaching there.

2. Teaching Requirements 

The general rule of thumb is that a location that has a lot of English speakers teaching there will require you to have a solid teaching background and ones with fewer mother tongue speakers will require less.

If you plan to look for work in a competitive country then you will need a bachelor’s degree at a minimum. If your bachelor’s degree is in languages or teaching, then this is an advantage. Then, you should also have a certification from a language teaching school. The TEFL and CELTA are the most common and sought after by language schools.

Without those two factors, you may be forced to look into some third world countries that are having a hard time finding native English speakers.

3. Don’t Expect to Get Rich 

In fact, don’t expect to even make much more than money to survive and do some travel on the side. Teaching English is not a high paying job, but it’s the experience that is enriching.

You will make enough to pay for food and lodging and some extra to get out and see the sites and maybe enjoy some nightlife on occasion. If you don’t mind taking a financial step back in return for an experience of a lifetime then you will still get a lot out of teaching English abroad.

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