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Why Your Paver Needs To Be Sealed

Getting your driveway or patio paved requires a significant amount of investment in terms of both time and money.

However, using a sealant can extend the life of your paver and more.

A seasoned expert providing paver services reveals some of the reasons why you should consider getting your paver sealed.

1. Protection From Weather Damage

The sun’s ultraviolet rays are one of your paved driveway or patio’s worst enemies. Extended exposure can cause the material to degrade over time.

Concrete pavers are made to be durable. There are many concrete coating options available that can make your paved driveway look more unique.

Pavers are designed to last for years, but the pigments and finishes themselves can fade over time. By sealing the pavers, you can preserve the colors, design or finish of your paver for much longer.

Sealers are not just effective protection against UV rays. The use of a quality sealant can also protect the surface from snow, ice, erosion and even acid rain.

In ordinary unsealed pavers, the water can seep in between joints. The water forms puddles and frost heaves. This can then create cracks inside the pavers.

When a sealant is applied to the surface, it fills the pores and spaces between the joints. This prevents the water from seeping in and damaging the pavers in the process.

2. Better Presentation

It is important to note that sealants give your pavers a glossy finish which helps make the color of your paver stand out.

Paver sealants work in the same way as varnish does for wood. When applied to a wooden surface, the shiny varnish brings out the natural beauty of the material and also protects the material from damage.

Sealants work in the same manner. By applying a sealant to your paver, you bring out the subtle charm of your driveway or patio.

There are many types of sealers available. By working closely with a professional knowledgeable in sealers, you can get the best sealer for your paver to protect it and make it look good.

3. Surface Stain Resistance

Do you like to entertain your family, friends or guests outdoors?

If you like to host barbecue parties, the oils and sauces seeping out from the cooking meats can stain and affect the way your paved surface looks.

With a sealant applied, any liquids that fall to the ground won’t get absorbed by the paver material and will stay on the surface. The same goes with spilled drinks, oils from your vehicle, dirt, pet messes and more.

Sealers do more than just protect the surface from liquids as another type of deterioration comes from regular use. This is what makes paver sealers different, and essential.

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4. Easier Cleanup

As the spills and stains stay on the sealant and are not absorbed by the paved material underneath, removing dirt and stains becomes easier. This is especially useful if your paved area sees a lot of use.

You may be hosting a lot of barbecues or parties in your yard or your paved areas see a lot of foot traffic. Perhaps you have several vehicles in your driveway that you use on a daily basis, or several times in a day. Whatever the case may be, the sealant will prevent oils and other liquids from permeating the surface.

5. Joint Stability

Pockets of sand are placed in between pavers and, over time, the sand erodes. The application of sealants can slow down the rate of erosion.

Sealants also prevent the growth of plant life.

Moss, weeds and grass can squeeze in and grow within the tiniest of cracks and in between paver joints. By applying sealants, you are reducing the amount of space where plant life can penetrate and thrive.

Get The Sealing Work Done

There are many advantages to getting your paved patio or driveway sealed. The above are only some of them.

Once you have decided to get your paved surfaces sealed, call a local professional company to get the job done.

There are many types of sealants designed for different types of materials.

By working with a local professional, you are sure that the right sealant is applied to your paved surface. 

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