Medical scrubs

The Wide World of Medical Scrubs

Everything about the medical world involves consumable necessities. From latex gloves to masks to bandages and medical equipment, providing health and recovery goes through a lot of products every day, all of which have to be sanitized and ready for one-time use. However, some very common elements are used again and again. Durable medical equipment is often used repeatedly, but not near as much as medical scrubs.

Designed to be disposable if necessary but durable for washing and reuse, medical scrubs are the bread and butter of the medical industry in terms of working uniforms. From nurses to doctors in surgery, scrubs are essential to work wear from the battlefield medical camp to the luxury drug addiction rehabilitation center on the Pacific Coast of Malibu. Few other worn items get as much exposure across the world to patients as the use of medical scrubs does.

Designed for the Clinic and Hospital

Sold in the upper and lower halves, medical scrubs provide a medical worker with wearable materials that are highly durable and can last hundreds of wash cycles before showing any kind of fundamental structural failure. In a lot of ways, scrubs are like the medical version of denim, good enough for a mineral miner yet affordable by anyone. Even better, should scrubs become soiled, they can be easily washed. And, when cleaning is not a solution or the scrubs have to be disposed of for safety, they can be replaced at a very low cost to the user or company employer. In many cases, medical employers just provide their staff a uniform allowance and point them to a company discount provider for inventory and replacement.

The ideal work wear for environments where one might have to shift from records and desk work to suddenly needing the flexibility to lift patients and care for them physically with treatment. Medical scrubs are a do-all work uniform for a modern hospital or clinic. And, they are ideal for field wear at medical camps or outreach clinics as well, efficiently providing for the ability to carry small equipment in functional pockets.

A Wide Array of Colors

Depending on whether your organization’s scrubs need to be color coded for specific roles and functions or if your agency just wants to provide a variety for staff to steer away from the monochrome uniform appearance, medical scrubs are produced and available in a variety of colors and hues. The choice can be particularly useful if one needs to have easy and quick identification of a team and who is capable of which ability, especially when dealing with mixed medical teams in volunteer situations or consolidated resources, such as in an emergency response.

Locality and Availability

Finding scrubs near me in CT isn’t a problem either. The more involved task is finding a medical scrubs provider that sells a high-quality product versus a cheaper knock-off that looks like a good discount but ends up falling apart after a few washes. Unfortunately, this is a recurring problem with any kind of garment retailer and seller. With so many different options available online and in-person, one has to do a bit of looking around and comparison research to find medical scrub brands that rise to the top of the choices for durability and wear performance.

This is usually possible when obtaining medical scrubs from a uniform store dedicated to professional wear products versus just a general clothes provider that carries medical scrubs along with everything else. Unlike general retailers, dedicated professional uniform and wear stores make a point of restricting their product to industry-standard medical scrubs that work. It’s a key point to watch for and not learn the hard way with a purchase mistake.

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