Winter Handbag Essentials

Winter Handbag Essentials

If you’re heading out and about in the cold winter months, here a couple of things to remember to pop in your purse before you leave the house!

Lip balms

Cold air and wind can wreak havoc on your skin, especially the sensitive skin on and around your lips. Balms are great to keep with you on the go, to rehydrate your lips whenever you need to. Chapped and red lips can become sore and uncomfortable, so try and moisturize them as much as you can. Other factors such as breathing through your mouth and licking your lips frequently can also cause irritation, which is why you may get chapped lips when you are suffering from a cold.

Eye drops

If you suffer from allergies, you will know how uncomfortable dry, irritated eyes can be. If you are super sensitive, it’s a good idea to keep eye drops on you, even when the pollen count is high, or you’re not expecting to come into contact with any allergy triggers. One of the most common types comes from Pataday, and their eye drops are frequently prescribed by doctors. You can also get them over the counter in some places. If you think you might benefit from these drops, the Pataday FAQ will give you much more information to help you decide and educate you on your eye health and allergies.

Heat pads

These are great instant warmers to use on the go. Using chemical reactions, these small pads can fit into your gloves and even boots to keep your fingers and toes warm when you are outside. They don’t need any batteries or electricity to heat up, making them perfect to slide into your bag or pockets. If you’re concerned about single-use, some versions are even reusable, as everything they need to function is encased in the pad, and the chemical reaction can repeat over and over.


Obviously, one of the most common items to fight off the cold weather is a good pair of gloves. Not only do they keep your hands and fingers warm by preventing heat loss, they can also protect against dry, cracked skin on your hands, which can become painful and even bleed. Specialist outdoor stores provide the best heavy-duty, thermal gloves for serious warmth and comfort, but you can find a pair of gloves that suit your style and purposes pretty much anywhere! Common materials include wool, leather, and cashmere, and it’s important to look for a pair with a good lining. Fingerless gloves and mittens are also a good option, so have a shop around and find what works best for you!


Colds and sniffles are almost unavoidable in the winter, so be prepared with a packet of tissues in your bag. These are also great for wiping your eyes when the wind makes them watery! There are several variations, sizes, softness, and even scent, so it’s easy to grab them and use them on the go. You can even get menthol tissues, which help to open your sinuses and make breathing through your nose easier. If you are concerned about the environment, some brands are biodegradable, so you don’t need to worry about single-use and wastage!

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