YouTube Terminates SGTreport’s Channel In Act Of Pure Fascism

In this day and age, censorship of conservative views and moreover, the truth, as well as hiding the truth from the public and ultimately keeping the public in the dark about controversial facts, is very much being exercised nowadays by YouTube with their latest termination of the channel called The SGTreport.

A channel ran by a guy known as “Sean” who often did videos that spoke out about Democrat leftist corruption, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the various Democrat scandals before and after the 2016 election, as well as the systemic human trafficking epidemic, organ harvesting, PizzaGate and pedophilia in Washington D.C. and Hollywood, plus other controversial truths regarding 9/11. He always helped spread the word about many pressing issues that were not touched upon by the mainstream media, and the channel was also serving as an antidote to MSM propaganda in every video post.

Additionally, the very informative SGTreport channel also exposed the evil structural organisation of the Deep State, the various links to Satanism in politics and entertainment, and all of their dastardly deeds across the board, most of which we’ve all shared an interest and knowledge out to the public about in some form, as well.

Sean and SGTreport was reported to already have had two strikes against their channel which they were given by YouTube, and just yesterday, the channel received its third strike for supposedly violating community guidelines, thus removing all of the channels work from 2010 onwards.

In a clear censorship move, YouTube’s move to ban freedom of speech and freedom of thought is already well under way, as we have seen in the removal of many YouTuber’s and YouTube channels’ in the last year alone, that simply do not fit the leftist, Marxist, Orwellian playbook that Silicon Valley wishes people to subscribe to.

There is no news about when the SGTreport channel will return, or if and when SGTreport’s YouTube channel will be reinstated. SGTreport is now using a backup channel instead, to get out the earlier message to the public.

When will YouTube and other social media giants in Silicon Valley exercise freedom of speech for all, on their platforms, and not just for leftist non-thinkers and conformists?

We should all flood YouTube with demands to reinstate the SGTreport channel under the 2nd amendment rights of the ‘freedom of speech’, and also ask them for an explanation as to why they have terminated the SGTreport Channel, don’t you think?


It may be a while before this mess is sorted out.

As we know, Google/YouTube are known for political bias, their one sided views (leaning left), and are also famous for censoring anything that they deem to be “too true” for people to know about.

Yes, YouTube have been exercising their right to “fascism” all over their platform lately, and of course, finger pointing; a staple of the left.

So, until the SGTreport channel is put back up online, staying informed will be just a little harder for some people. We don’t expect this to be the end of the SGTreport, as you simply cannot censor knowledge away from people, as people will always find out the truth in the end, either way.

So, these leftist obstructional tactics are not going to help them, and the left is already very much losing the war of information, whether they like it or not. #YouTubeBigBrother

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