Zhannabelles Tips To Preserve Youth Without Surgery

Staying Young Always Is Possible! Zhannabelle’s Tips To Preserve Youth Without Surgery

Each person understands something different under the concept of “youth”, but most people believe it means having glowing skin without wrinkles, a tightened figure, and healthy silky hair. However, as we age, the changes in appearance become more visible. Is plastic surgery then our only option? And, yes, it is dangerous and madly expensive!

Do not despair, though. Zhannabelle will tell you how to preserve your youth without calling on surgeons’ aid.

What is the etheric body and how it affects the physical body

Any wise healer will say that a person has an etheric body. We have it for a reason. Zhannabelle teaches that each of us has a source of female power. Those of us who had already read her articles and attended her classes know that female power is located in the sacred women’s center, in the womb area. If there is a lot of energy there, you seem to shine from the inside, impressing everyone around with your beauty and attracting everyone’s attention. Your energy is radiated into your etheric body, which gives the feeling of radiance and beauty.
Our etheric body reflects our inner state and affects the health matrix of our soul and body. If there is a lot of energy there, and everything is excellent, the etheric body becomes very dense and elastic, and then no external factors can destroy your skin, hair, and figure, even time.

Let’s do a small experiment. Rub your palms very hard until they feel like burning. This is how you can feel your etheric body. When you have rubbed your palms enough, spread them aside a little. There should be some tingling or even fever between them as if you were holding a ball of energy. If you don’t feel anything yet, don’t worry, after several classes and seminars, the feeling will come.

How to awaken your etheric energy

Yes, this very energy can give each of us incredible power for rejuvenation! Do you know how to promote its awakening and strengthening? Zhannabelle has the answer: everything is simple. No complex action is required because normal physical activity immediately increases the etheric energy, and this can include any kind of sport: jogging, swimming, fitness, even a simple walk. We all do it at least once in a while and notice that during such exercises, our body seems to radiate energy, as if there is a certain state of weightlessness around us. The fact is that when you subject your body to physical activity, your etheric body automatically thickens and becomes elastic.

In this case, a sauna or contrast shower is very helpful. Try to jog or do any other sporting exercise you like every day for at least one week. After the exercises, immediately take a contrast shower: 30 seconds of cold water, 30 seconds of hot water – do such a switch for at least 7 times. Believe us, you will feel your etheric starting to pulsate at once, and your health matrix will improve!

Tilda (Italy)

“On the day of my thirtieth birthday, I suddenly realized with horror that I was getting older. I did not realize it before, and suddenly, wham! – I started the fourth ten! In the morning, looking in the mirror, I found new wrinkles on my face, gray hair, and concentrated on any change in my body. So I slowly but surely fell into depression. Creams did not help. I had no money for plastic surgery. What can I do? And I haven’t even met my man yet!

When my friend, Amelia, offered to go to a cafe, I refused with tears in my eyes, referring to urgent matters. But somehow she suspected something wrong and came to my place. Having seen me in the disheveled form and feelings, she said: “Come to your senses right now. Now there’s distress—she has wrinkles!” Amelia always knew how to find an approach to me, whip me into shame, and motivate me. This time she recommended that I attend classes at Zhannabelle’s online school, saying if I want help, it’s only there I can get it.

After a couple of days of grieving, I decided to follow my friend’s advice. I thought that if I don’t try it, I won’t know anything. I started with the article “How and why it is necessary to clean the lineage womb”. Its unusual title attracted my attention. Then I decided to act and signed up for an individual consultation. What my mentor opened to me was just a revelation. Zhannabelle helped me understand myself and my feelings, but most importantly, she taught me how to preserve my youth. And not only to keep it but also to improve myself, making my body and face younger and more beautiful.

I keep attending the classes and I can confidently say that I have definitely started looking better. It is not only me who notices it. Recently, Amelia and I were leaving a cafe when suddenly a man with a cup of coffee ran out and screamed something. There was a waiter following him with a bill. Such a funny scene! When the waiter received his money and returned the dishes, the young man turned to me, admitting that it was as if he was struck by lightning by my beauty, femininity and charisma. It was just like in a movie! We started dating, and I believe that our relationship has a future. And all thanks to Zhannabelle.

Exercises for bioenergetical rejuvenation

How to awaken the power of the health matrix to stay young and beautiful always? Is it possible without surgeons’ help? Everything is quite real. You can see for yourself by coming to Zhannabelle’s seminars. And right now, let’s get acquainted with a few practices, which will be the first step to staying young.

One of the easiest exercises is to charge water. You will need an ordinary glass of drinking water. Take it in your left hand and cover the glass with your right hand. It is very important that you are alone at this moment and that no one disturbs you. Now we will turn simple water into the elixir of youth. While holding the glass, imagine the very image you want to achieve; dream how you would like it to look and things you would like to change. Looking at the water, try to see yourself young and beautiful, full of life and energy. Feel the confidence you felt when you were young, and say, “I am beautiful. I am young, beautiful, beloved, heartfelt, and loving.” Look at the water and drink it in small sips, leaving one-third of the glass. Use this third of the glass to wash your face after women’s rejuvenation exercises.

Any practices that you perform at home should be accompanied by special music, the music of rejuvenation. It is selected according to the space code, especially for the disclosure of talents and skills. If you do not have such music yet, ask Zhannabelle, she will definitely choose the one that suits you. And you can also use incense and essential oils.

So, the music is playing. Now the magic begins. Start rubbing your palms very hard till they are hot, so that there is fire between them. When you feel the heat, open your palms to feel the ball of energy. It has to be tight. Split the ball into two parts. Without touching your face, use one part to make movements as if you are washing yourself. This is the etheric washing, touching with etheric hands. It is good to perform the procedure in the morning before applying makeup, or in the evening before bed.

You can do the exercise several times. Rub your palms, feel the energy ball, and distribute it in light movements over hair, face, and body without touching them. You are kind of washing yourself with pure energy, which you have created. Feel your hair becoming thick and silky, the wrinkles around your eyes, on your forehead, and all over your face smooth, your neck tightens, and the second chin disappears.

Aryne (Ireland)

“All my life I was concerned about my lips. They are thin and colorless and they are barely seen. I really wanted beautiful, puffy lips, but I was afraid to apply for plastic surgery. I was afraid that the result might not be what I expected at all. The many examples of my friends’ were enough to think about.

By chance, I saw Zhannabelle on YouTube channel. She just infected me with faith in a woman’s power. I immediately signed up for an individual consultation where I told her about my problem. The mentor immediately saw that my female energy was asleep. We performed a ritual of awakening, bioenergetical rejuvenation. I came back home as if being a different person. What surprised and made me happy was that after three weeks of regular classes, my lips became almost like Jolie’s! Something I had always and unsuccessfully dreamed about came true. Immediately, I sent a Selfie to Zhannabelle with words of great gratitude. I keep attending her classes even now. The result is simply stunning, try it yourself. I thank the mentor a lot and wish her success!

Here we have given the basic knowledge about the exercises you need to do to awaken the energy of power. But you should know that it is best to conduct such exercises in the Places of Power and under the guidance of a mentor. Join Zhannabelle’s online school. Bring your family and friends. Join our seminars and retreats, and the result will not take long to come. Together with us, you will become young, healthy, beautiful, and successful.

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