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Zinc Handles: How and What to Look For

With the growth of manufacturing and specialization in the interior design space, we also have more options to choose from. One of the most popular components here are zinc handles. Used in all kind of furnishings — from cabinets to doors — zinc handles are found in many types that suit almost all design sensibilities.

Buyers of zinc handles range from individual homeowners to designs, promoters, and builders. These can be used in domestic as well as commercial establishments. Zinc’s durability and versatility make zinc handles manufacturers some of the most in-demand suppliers in the industry.

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What You Should Look For

When looking for zinc handles ether are some important factors that you have to keep in mind. Some of these are:

Style: What is the interior style of your space? Is it contemporary, traditional, rustic, modern or transitional? Each has its own specific design sensibility that dictates the look of each part. For a particular deign look to come together, it is the small details like zinc handles that make all the difference. So, decide exactly what you want and then hunt for the supply.

Functionality: There is obviously a functional aspect to a zinc handle as it is not a purely decorative tool. The first is as a pull, as in the case of a drawer or door. The handle is used to pull the supporting structure. The important factor here is to check whether it executes this function smoothly or not. If possible check a prototype to ensure that the handle design works when it is actually put to use.

Some handles may have a dual use, such as a lock. These handles contain a locking mechanism. Apart from making them highly functional, the dual use is often designed as a means to save space. So, check if this other purpose is designed well, that the locks are smooth and work easily.

Location: Zinc is highly resistant to corrosion. This is because, on exposure to air, zinc develops a neutral film on the surface, which protects it from further corrosion. However, you may still need extra protection depending on the location of the handle. For instance, corrosive environments such as bathrooms (damp) and outdoors (sun, water) require the added resistance of zinc.

Installation limitations: Sometimes there could be certain installation requirements that will dictate our choice. For instance, if you are re-decorating, it is simply more convenient to opt for handles that can fit into the previous handles space, saving you from drilling extra holes. There may also be space limitations. For instance, you can install a long narrow horizontal handle on a narrow cabinet.

Extra touches: Even with a clear decor style in mind, some people may want extra embellishments, such as an engraved handle or matt finish handle. In such case, you may have to check for the specific supply.

How To Select The Zinc Handles Manufacturer

Now that we know what we are looking for, it is time to pinpoint the manufacturer. If you want a few handles for your home, the local hardware shop may suffice. However, if you need a really large-scale order, you need a reliable and steady manufacturing supplier.

Budget: This could be important criteria if you are looking for a large-scale order, since the cost can make a difference. Find out the average market cost and ensure that you are neither paying too little or too much. Any extra cost must be justified in terms of designing or sourcing.

Raw material: A good manufacturer will only use the top quality raw material. Insist on finding out the type of zinc used in the process, especially if you are going to install in a corrosive environment. It is also used as a component for a number of alloys. In any case, the sourcing of raw material is an important criteria.

Scale and supply: This is especially important for people who need a large supply at a quick notice. Ensure that the manufacturer can meet this requirement so that there are no hitches once production is in place.

Customisation: If you need a highly specific design, customisation is very important. Find out if the manufacturer can ensure a highly customised design with a production and design team in place.

Zinc handles manufacturers have emerged as important suppliers in the interior space field. But before you look for a manufacturer, be sure of what you are looking for.

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