Proven Ways to Protect Your Valuables Before Travelling
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10 Proven Ways to Protect Your Valuables Before Travelling

Every individual wants to protect their valuables before going on a trip. Perhaps they want to protect their belongings against theft, wear and tear, or keep them to pass them to their loved ones.

The good news is that you can travel as far as you want without having anything to worry about when you take the right steps in securing your valuables. It doesn’t have to be a complicated process to keep the valuables in your home secure. They are simple and proven ways to keep your possessions protected during your absence.

It is essential to protect your valuable possessions before embarking on a trip. Anyone who wants top-notch protection on their valuables can make good use of the points below:

1. Use a home monitoring device

Home protection devices are available worldwide, and you can pick from several choices, be sure to select one that will suit your house. Any home surveillance devices require you to remotely monitor live footage from your phone to see what happens in real-time. This little investment will grant you peace of mind! Investing in a home security device is an efficient means of securing your valuable possessions.

Home surveillance devices are straightforward to mount. Although many protection systems have built an unreasonably costly image, a range of modern solutions is now accessible on a low budget. You can easily install security systems with wireless options.

As an additional benefit, you can use user-friendly apps to control the wireless security systems. Such applications enable you to change the settings anywhere you are. Using this realistic app, you can easily track your home’s critical areas via smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

2. In a secure spot, lock valuables

Surprisingly, it’s not hard to mount a safe as you would imagine. Using a safe to protect your valuables will provide them additional security.  Even though offenders can break into your house, they won’t have access to your valuables.

You can find a wide variety of solutions when it is high time you search for a safe that suits your needs. Most thieves know how to search for valuables in a bedroom, so keep your safe wisely.

Which are the secure options?

The sort of safe you would require relies primarily on the type of items and the house’s size. A sturdy floor safe is typically a reliable choice, to begin with. You may even add a wall-safe electronic keyboard, but it requires more investment.

Sometimes, if offenders cannot unlock little safes, they steal them to open them at their pleasure. However, it needs much more time and energy to rob a solid floor safe than many offenders are ready to sacrifice.

Regarding your most valuable possessions, it is tough to leave them in someone else’s care or at home. However, there are trusted companies like Safestore Containers who offer simple access, safe and secure storage units with excellent service at a very affordable price.

3. Try to clean the home daily

Do you have gardeners that generally keep the lawn tidy? A pool guy that visits weekly? Maintain these timetables. If a potential thief is stalking your house, he will notice there’s something different if you don’t maintain the schedule.

4. Maintain a low social media profile

When you are about to go on a trip, it is not advisable to publicize that fact on social media platforms. More significantly, your social networking account should be reviewed frequently to ensure your home address is not visible to anyone.

Eliminate prior messages and hosting groups or Facebook activities that could contain your telephone number. It is straightforward to connect a person’s phone number to his/her home address. Beware of this!

5. Do not leave a key

It has been discovered that robbers still search for a secret key, and most of them are lucky enough to find it. It is advisable to give replacement keys to a family member or a friend you trust.

Please don’t leave it in hideous places in your compound; professional thieves can still notice them.

6. Set up an exterior sensor light system

Outdoor sensor lights are easy to install even though you aren’t technological-savvy. These sensors may often help general home protection all year long, whether you’re at home or not, and are also fitted with devices to turn them off and on during various periods of the day.

This might prevent these unwelcome visitors from entering your residence to steal because they will have an illusion that somebody is home every day.

7. Unplug the door in the garage

This is no mystery that accomplished or experienced perpetrators can easily hack technology. Garage door openers may sometimes be opened by universal remote control, depending on which brand they are! So be proactive!  Disengage and go for a manual lock for your garage door.

8. Please advertise your security

With a surveillance network, burglars can be prevented from entering your home, so publicize it! Put these stickers near your most accessible and most prominent entry points, such as your front and back door, and your garage side doors.

You can also purchase a sticker set if you couldn’t install a security system before your next trip.

9. Keep your mail and your fax

Filled mailboxes and piled journals along the driveway are clear signs that you aren’t home. When you are not willing to let anyone in the house or drop the house keys with a relative or family member to bring in the newspaper, call the newspaper department to stop deliveries and fill a form to hold mails.

10. Leave a key with a family member or a relative

You cannot tell whether unexpected flyers are at the front door even though you can keep track of newspapers and e-mails.

You will stop unwanted delivery and even perform the usual home cleaning routine by reaching a trustworthy buddy and family member. Don’t hesitate to thank them for their support!


Thankfully, it does not take a significant amount of time, effort, or money to keep your most valuable properties out of the wrong hands. You will shield your valuables from burglary, damage, and other dangers for several years to come with the aid of the tips as mentioned earlier.

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