10 Things You Must Know About Bridal Lingerie

10 Things You Must Know About Bridal Lingerie

You are the bride and you are expected to relax, to take care of yourself and also be able to manage your bridal trousseau. The wedding festivities are being taken care of by family and friends so you can concentrate on looking your best on the D-day. This in itself is a mammoth task, for you have to organize your dresses, makeup, and accessories amidst a sea of phone calls and message. You are the bride of today and you want to look and feel the best, not only from outside but from within too. This task can be accomplished by spending some time over your bridal lingerie, sexy bras and nightwear sets. We have got for you some pointers or a checklist that you can keep handy while managing your bridal lingerie.

1. It should be comfortable

Every online lingerie store as well the retail outlets, let you try out the garment before purchase. It would be wise to do so well in advance. If you can carry the dress to the store for the trial, nothing beats that.

2. It should be a match in color

You like red and so you have gone ahead and bought a red bra and fiery red panties. What you did not fathom is how shocking they would appear to the guests who can see through the red color from under your lacy beige dress. For light colored dresses, it is best to go in for skin or nude colored lingerie. For darker colors, you can match the color of the lingerie to the dress. With lingerie now available in all colors imaginable, it should be an easy task

3. Consider the neckline and the back line

If you are planning on wearing a backless or a halter neck dress, with a low neck and back line, the lingerie style should match the same. Try a stick on bra or a strapless bra for a strapless dress for instance.

4. Buy the storage boxes

Once the festivities are over don’t just dump your lingerie in the closet. You do want to wear them later on some other occasion too. While shopping for your padded bras, buy the padded bra storage cases at the same time. Invest in some drawer organizers to keep your panties and bras organized.

5. Go for bra and panty sets

Make it a cardinal rule to buy matching lingerie for all occasions. By matching, we mean that the bra should match the panty. You can simply buy the bra and panty sets available in all styles, colors, and designs.

6. Lingerie for all occasions

Bridal lingerie doesn’t only include the lingerie that you wear with your bridal attire. It also includes the stuff you wear when you are not in your attire and that is the wedding night lingerie. Choose whatever makes you feel sexy.

7. Add a shaper to the list

If you plan on wearing light and flowing fabrics, then, a shapewear should be a part of your lingerie shopping list. You will be able to hide the bulges and panty lines easily, while getting that desired silhouette.

8. Consider your body type

You can go a little wild and choose some daring and stringy lingerie with a narrow waist if you have been watching your weight like a hawk. If not, then go for some plunging necklines.

9. Leave room for exchange

With a weight that wobbles like a yo-yo around the time and a little after the wedding, do keep the receipt handy for any exchange that needs to be done. Also, do not buy the lingerie too much in advance to cross the exchange timeline.

10. A day is day and night is night

Not only is the lingerie important but so is the bridal nightwear. Keep room in your bags and your schedule for some sexy bridal nightwear.

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