3 Gifts to Get for Your Most Indecisive Friend

3 Gifts to Get for Your Most Indecisive Friend

For many people, gift giving is a bit of an art form. Finding the perfect present that you know will make someone’s day at the right price can be a challenge at times, however it is completely worth it when you know that the gift you are giving will truly be appreciated. That being said, not everyone on your gift list is going to be simple to shop for. In fact, some people can be so indecisive that finding something they will both love and get use out of can be an uphill battle.

If you are in the process of trying to find a thoughtful gift for one of your more indecisive friends, you might very well be at your wit’s end. What’s worse is that the longer you put it off, the more pressure you will begin to feel. In order to avoid panic purchasing a gift that will surely find its way to the return counter at the store, here are three foolproof gifts that you can get for even your most indecisive friend.

1. A Scent Subscription

A popular gift to get for someone who appreciated beauty products is that of a perfume or cologne. However, when your indecisive friend doesn’t actually have a signature scent but rather spritzes on whatever they like in the moment, finding the right scent to get them is basically impossible. Instead of trying to guess at what scent they will be into at the time that you are meant to give them a gift, why not order them a scent subscription box?

With such a subscription, they can choose a different scent every month and try out the latest scents from the top brands. If you aren’t able to commit to paying for the monthly subscription, you can simply get their first month or two and then let them decide if they would like to continue. They will surely appreciate the options that this gift allows them access to.

2. A Gift Card

You might think that giving gift cards is a bit of a cop out when it comes to buying presents for people. However, when your friend is particularly indecisive, they will most likely appreciate the ability to purchase their own gift instead of having you buy them something that they will just wind up returning anyway. You can be more general and get a card that can be used at multiple stores, or if you want to be a bit more specific, you could get a gift card that is, for example, just for dining out.

3. A Themed Gift Box

If you know that your friend is indecisive but that they have a particular interest in a  pastime or hobby, you can put a bunch of little gifts together that follow a theme to create the perfect gift box. For instance, if your friend loves to pamper themselves, you can give them a spa day in a box or if they love to make cocktails, put some special tumblers, some mixing equipment, and a fun recipe book so they can create their favorite drinks.

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