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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Plumber for Drain Blockage

Be it commercial spaces or residential properties, blocked drains can turn out to be major issue anytime and for anyone. The threats of water damage that occurs due to blockages not only affects the structural integrity of the plumbing system but at the same time deteriorates the value of property damaging essential elements like upholstery, furniture, carpets, doors, blinds and more. If you find any blockage in your drainage system then you can try some DIY methods to clean the drain like you can pour some hot water mixed with vinegar inside the drain or you can try to plug out the deposited garbage from the drains. But these DIY techniques can provide you initial relief and you need to hire some plumber to clean the blocked drains completely.

1. Is the odour coming out from the sewage system a sign of drain problem?

Experts never assume any sort of situation before examining the present condition of the system. Therefore, if you have a professional for inspection then let them analyze the entire system to determine whether the odour is a sign of drain blockage or something else. Because this can even happen due to improper flow of air or lack of vents that would trap foul odour in the space. They will inspect your drainage system along with your water channels and find out the exact problems within few hours.

2. What to do in case of a slow drain?

Before apparently counting on professional service, you need to ask the plumber what steps should be taken when you experience a slow drain. This is because water flow decreases due to a myriad of reasons such as and these can cause by soap scum, debris or accumulation of hair too. Some of these problems can be resolved in their initial stage, but the problem turns out to be worse when the accumulation becomes chronic. But the professional plumber can easily plug out all garbage from the drains and they can clean the drains fully.

3. What tools will you use for unblocking the drains?

In order to treat drain blockage effectively, you not only require the expertise of a professional but the use of high-quality equipments too. Hence, the next question is to know more about the type of tools that will be utilized by the plumber to cure the blocked drains. They should inspect the whole drainage system with some camera and they should describe the problems as well as the solutions for your future maintenance.

4. Will this problem be prevented in future?

Many plumbers provide a guarantee on their services and with this you can remain assured about the drainage system for a long period of time. Most of these plumbing services can offer you limited warranty on their work and if you face the same difficulty within this period then you can claim a free service from them. Usually plumbers incorporate professional graded chemicals to clean the drains and keep them free from blockage for years to come.

5. Will the drain require frequent cleaning after your services?

Compared to DIY service, professional services provided by plumbers come with better results and longevity. However, to remain on the safer side you can ask them about the quality of the service and whether the need of frequent cleaning arises or not.

When in search for the best plumbers to treat drain blockage, never forget to ask these 5 questions as their answers will make your realize whether you are about to hire the right professional or not.

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