How To Keep Your Home Smoke-Free

How To Keep Your Home Smoke-Free

If someone smokes in your house or you are a smoker, then it is essential that you know some facts about smoking. When a person smokes in the house, what does he generally do? Open the windows. Provide ventilation and switch on the fan so that the smoke moves out. However, you may not see the smoke after this, but the truth is that it lingers in the room for a long time. Everybody knows the side effects of smoking, but few people know the adverse effects of second-hand smoking.

Second-hand smoking is as deadly as the firsthand smoking and causes various other problems. It gets proved in a survey that due to second-hand smoking almost 3500 people die every year out of lung cancer or heart disease. If your children and loved ones are not smoking, they get affected by taking in the second-hand smoke. Smoke is said to have around 4000 chemicals which you and your children are inhaling every day. Therefore, it is essential to keep your home smoke free, and the best way for doing this is to quit smoking.

It is important to understand that by sitting in an open area or switching on the fan you cannot eliminate the health issues, which get appeared due to smoking. If you want to get rid of these problems quickly, then quitting cigarette is the best way out. However, we understand that it is not as easy as it seems and takes a lot of efforts. In this situation, you can avail the help of the e- liquids available in the market. The best e-liquid come with 0mg nicotine and can help you a great deal in getting rid of the life taking smoking habit.

The best tips to keep your home smoke free

If you want to save your children and loved ones from the adverse effects of smoking, then you have to take necessary measures to keep your home smoke free. Here are some of the tip and tricks by which you can solve your problem to a great extent:

  • Avoid smoking in the home– to ensure a smoke-free place the easiest way is not to smoke in it. Always prefer to smoke outdoors to save your family from the contamination.
  • Create a smoking area– you can also make a smoking zone for yourself or visitors so that they do not do this inside your home. You can also request the guests not to smoke in the house.
  • Post no smoking signs– you can also paste the no smoking area or smoking prohibited near your house so that people know that it is not allowed in your home.
  • Set a date– make a target by which you have to make your home completely smoke free. Stick to the goal and work on it. This will help you in discouraging the smoking habits.
  • Smoke free cigarettes– you can also use the smoke free electronic cigarettes or the best e-liquid that will help in keeping the place smoke free.
  • Deal with the setbacks– it doesn’t matter if you fail at once. The spirit of keep trying is all that matters. You have to learn to deal with setbacks and keep trying.
  • Quit smoking– this is the best and permanent solution to keeping your home free from smoke. Quit your smoking habit and keep your loved ones as well as yourself free from the side effects of smoking.

How can you keep your body smoke free?

Merely avoiding smoking in the house is not the end. You must be aware of the harmful effects of tobacco use and do every possible thing to get out of it. Here are few tips that could help you in keeping your home as well as body free from smoke:

  • Deal with the cravings and try to drink more water.
  • Make a fool proof plan to get rid of the smoking habit.
  • Avoid tempting situations
  • Focus on the change and stay positive.


You can also take the help of best e-liquid with no nicotine to cope with the cravings. Now you know how to keep your home smoke free and make sure that you apply them immediately. Also, make your neighbors and friends aware of it.

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