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5 Things That Can Ruin a Romantic Relationship

Being in a relationship can be awesome, amazing, confusing, fulfilling and devastating all at the same time. One day you wake up thinking that you and your partner are fine the in the evening after work your significant other just gives you the ‘we need to talk line’. In that evening, they look you straight in the eye and tell you that they no longer want to be with you. You are left there stranded, wondering what the hell just happened. I thought we were fine! The pain of heartbreak is not easily subdued and in some cases, it never ends.

It is easy to end a romantic relationship. There are behavior that are okay done when one is single but when in a relationship one needs to adjust in order to keep the relationship running and healthy. Here is a list of five things that are total deal breakers. Note, however, in this article we are not going to discuss real deal breakers like religious differences and age differences.

1. Personal Insecurities

Everyone has insecurities in a relationship. It is normal. However, some can really go overboard. For example, if your ex cheated on you, it is normal that you will want to protect yourself from being cheated on again. However, you can throw the need to protect yourself overboard by stalking your new partner, checking their emails, Facebook accounts, twitter, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp everything. You partner will start feeling like a fugitive of the law. This will make them want to leave you as soon as possible even if they love you to death.

If a partner finds himself or herself obsessing over insecurities such as body weight and the rest they should talk it out with their partner. They should apologize for letting the insecurities almost ruin the relationship and ask for help in handling the insecurities. Professional help in extreme cases should be sort.

2. Making Sex Seems Like A Duty

It is obvious already that Sex is very important in romantic relationships. It allows couples to bond in a very deep way. It takes the relationship to a completely new level. And the best thing is that it was created by a beautiful God who makes everything beautiful. Because of how important sex is in a relationship, it is important not to make sex seem like a duty. Do not mark sex on the calendar like we will be having sex on Mondays, and Fridays. This will kill the feelings and make it seem like a thing you do because you have to.

Sex should also not be taken as a thing that should just happen. I mean random, rough, spontaneous, movie sex is amazing, but sex cannot always happen like that. Between couples that are serious with each other, sex is more than just the orgasms, it is about the emotions. It is best for the feeling of union and love that it brings. This random sex cannot happen if a couple have children. Couples should make sex a time to bond and enjoy with each other. A time they can just relax and be together. The orgasms will be better and the relationship stronger. They will feel the love expresses through sex in addition to all other ways.

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3. Emotional Overreactions

Our parents as we grow up taught us to use our words especially when we are cal. It is normal that occasionally, sometimes often a couple will have fights. They are different people with different personalities and different upbringings. Even if the fights occur and are normal, they shouldn’t end the romantic relationship.

It is important especially for women to stop from being emotional and overreacting. A quick defense is not always the best offense. Couples need to realize that when things get stormy it is important to stop and reflect alone until they cool down and can talk calmly. Discussing matters after cooling down is very productive in a relationship.

Words can never be taken back. Hence, a couple should be careful about saying things they do not mean to each other in the heat of the moment. Such words can cause hurt and resentment and may end up breaking the relationship because of minor issues that could have easily be solved with calm dialogue.

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4. Too Much Dependency On The Relationship

Once the single person gets into a relationship and is in love it is normal for them to be all over each other and leave most of their habits and hobbies so that they can spend more time together. However, normal this is it is important that couples maintain their own separate lives. They should have lives apart from each other. They should work at eliminating the situation where if one partner is not around the other does not know what to do with themselves.

Couples should remember that it is the time they spend apart that makes the time they spend together worthwhile. Distance after all only makes the heart grow fonder. No couple should spend all their time together. If one finds that they had previously forgone their hobbies and friend for the relationship, they should try to get back to the friends and hobbies. Spending too much time together can be toxic. In order for the couple to grow as one, each individual must make effort to grow and expand him or herself.

5. Too Much Nagging

One partner being too much on the others case causes most fights. Acting more like a parent than a lover can drive a coupe apart. Nagging can be one partner begging, commanding, and acting like a mother. Couples should know that their other half is a grown adult who has made their own decisions and choices that have made them who they are. They should know that trying to control people only brings out resistance, anger and hatred. These feelings may lead to a lot of resentment and a romantic relationship may end as a result. One should assess their behavior towards their partner. It is important to note that if they notice any nagging, they have to sit down and talk about this.

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