Tips for Better Selfies

6 Tips for Better Selfies

Whether you’re updating your online social media accounts or you just want to have a few photos of yourself that make you look beautiful and feel confident, it’s important to know a few selfie secrets. You can take photos of yourself that make you look and feel just as great as you would if a professional portrait photographer took them. If you’re ready to give your social media, dating profile, or just your phone storage some extra glam, read on for six tips for better selfies.

1. Start With The Basics And Improve Your Skincare Routine.

One of the key ways to be happy with your selfies every time is to make sure you’re investing in your skin. If you can look perfect without any skin-blurring filters on your photos, all your shots will come out amazing. Consider incorporating a Vitamin C serum and night cream at night, and a light moisturizer and gentle cleanser for the daytime. Don’t forget SPF, too, as sun damage can seriously lessen the look of your skin and make you look older faster.

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2. Practice In The Mirror.

If you’re new to the selfie game, make sure you take enough time to practice posing or doing different facial expressions in the mirror. Getting used to the way you look with different poses, smiles, or scowls will give you a better idea of what to do when you bring your phone or camera out to snap pictures. And if you need to enhance your smile to achieve that perfect look, be sure to consider this Dentist in Vista.

3. Lighting is Key.

One of the top tips for taking photos of any kind is to make sure your lighting is perfect. That means avoiding situations in which you are backlit, and opting for natural lighting wherever you can. If you really want to go all in and invest in your selfies, consider purchasing a ring light, which will give you an even bath of light at any angle. If you’re sitting in front of a window, make sure to do small adjustments so that the light hits you at just the right angle for selfie perfection.

4. Know Your Angles.

Instead of holding your phone or your camera right in front of your face, try lifting your camera above your head so that you can look up into the lens. This will elongate your neck and give your face an overall slimmer look. Another way to find a great angle is to hold your phone or camera to the side of your face and look over at the aperture.

5. Shoot a Variety of Moods.

If you want your photos to work for many different situations, consider taking a lot of different types of selfies in one session. Shoot some that are silly, some serious or pouty, and some with genuine smiles so that your pictures can work for whatever situation you need them for.

6. Keep Everything Organized.

After you’ve taken all of these beautiful selfies with great angles and lighting, you’ll want to keep everything organize and synced up between devices. Using a smart photo manager like ibi by Sandisk will keep all your photos synced up across your computer, phone, and cloud storage, and will give you the ability to keep them separate from other photos. That means your selfies will stay separated from photos from your New York trip or the graphics you made for your political science project. More information about the ibi smart photo manager can be found at, where there are device specs and reviews.

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