The Best Father’s Day Gifts for Every Kind of Dad

The Best Father’s Day Gifts for Every Kind of Dad

Father’s Day is a little different this year, but the dads haven’t changed! They’re still making their families laugh with lame dad jokes, backseat driving input, opening jars no one else can, and BBQ’ing delicious dinners. No matter what kind of hobbies or interests your dad has, there’s a gift out there for him. Not all dads are created equally, especially your dad, so get him something he’ll really enjoy.

Is your dad a gaming nerd? Or perhaps he’s more of an outdoor adventure dad? Maybe he enjoys reading, cooking, or gardening. No matter what your dad is into, there’s something out there for him. The gift possibilities are endless, from video games, something new for his game room, a new book, or even a weekend getaway to do some sport fishing. Here are some ideas to give your dad a great Father’s Day this year.

For the Gamer Dad

Video games aren’t just for kids these days! Some dads like to come home from a long day of work, kick back, and destroy their enemies on Call of Duty. If your dad likes to play games, consider a new gaming TV stand. NewEgg is a major online retail store that has a wide variety of things any gamer dad would appreciate. They offer game systems, any accessories you might want including controllers, headphones, or VR headsets, along with gaming chairs, desks, and shelves. No matter what gaming system your dad has or likes, you’ll find something he’ll love.

For the Active Dad

Is your dad a dedicated exercising machine? Does he wake up at the crack of dawn to run five miles before you roll out of bed? Then a smartwatch might be a great gift for him! Smartwatches do more than just tell time—they can also track miles, log calorie intake and burn, give reminders to move, and even check and send text messages! They can do a lot more than that, too, depending on the type of smartwatch. Garmin, Fitbit, and Apple all have great options. Each one has it’s own benefits and drawbacks, so research and find the perfect one for your active dad.

For the Fisherman Dad

Fishing can be so relaxing, and dads have been doing it for a long time. Pretty much everyone has a memory of going out fishing with their dad, or even grandpa. If it’s a hobby that your dad truly loves, chances are you’ve probably gotten him a gift related to it. Dad has more than likely gotten fishing poles, lures, and all sorts of accessories. How about this year you gift him with something that’ll truly blow his mind, like a trip to do some sportfishing in British Columbia! Fish lodges offer a unique and fun experience he’ll never forget! Every lodge offers something a little different, and have different types of fish that can be caught, such as halibut, Chinook salmon, or sturgeon. Your dad will leave with the ultimate fish story to tell that no one will believe!

For the Chef Dad

Sometimes it’s not the mom that makes the delicious family dinners! Is your dad the chef in the family? He might appreciate something to help with those burgers, like a burger press or even a funny apron. The Ninja Foodi line offers appliances that can grill, air fry, bake, or even blend! No matter what your dad likes to cook, there’s a Foodi for him. Plus air fryers are healthier than traditional fryers, so your dad will thank you for that.

No matter what your dad likes, there’s something out there for him.

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