Camping Destinations in the U.S. 2018

7 Best Camping Trip Ideas in the USA

Camping is an experience of a lifetime, and once you have had a taste, you will keep coming back for more. Whether you want to go camping with your friends, family or loved one, there are numerous tips that you can consider for an unforgettable experience.

If you choose to camp in the USA, there is plenty for you to look forward to. Keeping this in mind, here are the most amazing destinations you should add to your camping list without thinking twice.

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Go Hiking or Strolling in Hawaii

Make your way to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to stroll or hike to your heart’s content. There aren’t many campgrounds for you to choose from, but there are a few places where you can pitch a tent to absorb the stunning beauty of the park that surrounds you.

During the evening, you can check out the volcanoes lighting up the sky, or you can explore the unusual rock formations during the day. Whatever you choose, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park will be unlike anything you have seen before.

Partake in Unbelievable Tours in Florida

In Florida, head down to the Everglades National Park to try out some unbelievable tours. It may be a tourist trap, but the park has so much to offer.

Get a fishing kayak and a bow to hunt fish. If that does not work for you, rent a canoe to make your way through different waterways. You can get a mountain bike to test your mettle against the challenging trails the park has to offer.

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Enjoy Peace and Tranquility in Nebraska

Nebraska’s Lake Mcconaughy is the place to be for some peace and quiet. Agreed, there is not much for you to see here, but you can get plenty of rest and relaxation.

Even though the lake is not crowded, you can still get involved in water sports. You will absolutely love the white beaches. It is truly paradise with an American twist to it.

If peace is not your style, then head to the Nebraska Sand hills for desert adventures.

Fish and Hunt in Wisconsin

If you get excited by activities like hiking, botany, and sightseeing; then the Wyalusing Hardwood Forest will meet and exceed your expectations.

This is the place you will be surrounded by never-ending trees. Ornithologists, in particular, will feel right at home, considering how several nesting birds are found here.

The activities here may not be extraordinarily exciting, but they are enough to get you to reach Nirvana, or at least as close as you possibly can.

Entertain yourself and your Kids at Maryland

The Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Maryland is perfect for parents that want to have fun with their kids outdoors.

This is the place for a structured and nice camping trip with your kids, with plenty of entertainment. This is the kind of outdoors any kid will jump aboard for. But the good news is there is something for everyone, which means parents are not out for the count.

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Indulge in Free Activities in Massachusetts

Massachusetts’ Boston Harbor Islands is riddled with activities, and you don’t need to pay for most of them. This is great for those that are on a budget, without compromising on their outdoor experience.

There are several Civil War era related tours to give you information about the area, and also to satisfy your curiosity. Once that is done, tour the surrounding surf via a stand-up paddleboard, all the while you enjoy the landscape, which is littered by lighthouses and other man-made structures.

Get Modern Camping Options in Texas

If camping is all that you care about, then you should definitely check out The Vineyard Campground in Texas.

Located close to the Dallas airport, The Vineyard Campground has all the camping options you want. Just imagine renting a comfortable cabin with Wi-Fi, and you will understand why many prefer this over other outdoor activities.

Of course, this does not mean you are restricted to your cabin, nor does it mean you can’t take part in different activities, as you will find there is a lot you can do on the Grapevine Lake’s shores, ranging from checking out wineries to trying out the different water activities available.

If you think about it, the list can go on and on and there will still be numerous places and ideas for you to explore. This makes it important for you to know exactly what type of experience you want to indulge in, for a great trip of course. This is only possible if you identify activities that you enjoy, and others enjoy them too if you are going with friends or family that is.

Whether you are going to Connecticut City or Arizona, make sure you are prepared for anything. Do your homework. More importantly, pack smart. If this is your first time, ask experienced outdoor enthusiasts to recommend the best camping must-haves. Remember, the better prepared you are, the lesser the chances of you getting into a fix. It is just that simple.


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