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7 Tips to Buy the Best Quality Car Stereo for Your Car

Most factory car audio systems are of substandard quality. The fact is quality is the last thing on the mind of car manufactures. Even the top of the model car comes equipped with a relatively inexpensive stereo that delivers low-quality sound.

You can greatly enhance the music listening experience inside your car by buying a high-quality stereo system. With the right quality aftermarket car studio system, you will be able to hear songs with a greater overall quality.

The number of car stereo system available on the market is staggering.  This can lead to a choice paralysis that can make it difficult to select the best stereo for your car.

To help you make the right decision, here we have compiled a list of tips for buying the best car stereo.

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1. Assess Your Needs

The first thing that you need to do before you select a car stereo is to assess your needs. This will help you with selecting the best type of audio system for your car.

Do you want to listen to music and video? Do you want to listen to streaming music? Do you require a system with navigation screens?

The above questions will help you select the best stereo that meets your budget and needs.

You also should think about how you drive to buy the right stereo system. In case, you drive with the windows up and minimum noise inside, buy a speaker with less power. If you go mostly off-road driving, get a system with high power.

Some other things that you should assess when buying a stereo sound system include car/road noise, location of the speaker, and personal taste. These factors will determine the right type of stereo for the car.

2. Select the Right Type of Car Stereo System

You can select many different types of car stereo system. The common option is the CD/DVD audio system. The play music CDs as well as DVD music. The top of the line models supports Android Auto and CarPlay as well.

You should make sure that the device has a USB slot. This way you can load the music in the USB to listen through the car’s stereo system. Another fancy feature that you should consider is Bluetooth. This will allow you and your guests in the car to transfer music wirelessly to listen through the audio system.

If you prefer listening to music from your smartphone or a portable music player, you should buy a car stereo with an aux jack slot. You can also opt for retro sound car stereos that only come with digital media receivers.

Lastly, if you tend to travel a lot, you should consider an audio system that has a built-in navigation receiver. A system with a built-in GPS navigation is recommended as it does not rely on your smartphone device to show location.

3. Match with the Existing Dashboard

The car stereo that you buy should match with the car’s dashboard. Consider models that have the option of adjusting the color of the display and buttons. For instance, you can select blue for the display and green for buttons.

You can also find models that let you fine-tune the RGB color levels. This will allow you to fine-tune the display so that it matches perfectly with the interior.

4. Quality Speakers

Most factory car speakers could not properly handle the output from a quality audio system. When you turn up the volume, the sound will become distorted. You need to buy a quality after-market speaker for your car to listen to the best quality sound.

You can find more about after-market speakers by searching online. The best speakers will output rich, clear sound processed by the digital player.

5. Buy a Subwoofer

Adding a subwoofer will greatly improve the quality of the sound even of a low-quality audio system. To really enjoy the deep quality sound, you should buy a subwoofer with an outboard amplifier. A powered subwoofer can output excellent quality sound.

However, you should note that subwoofers require a large amount of power to produce quality sound. A 4-channel subwoofer will take around 80 watts. This power is in addition to the power of the speakers. Consult the vehicles’ manual and talk to an auto electrician before adding bass to your car.

6. Buy Best Quality Power Cables

Electricity is similar to running water. You would not use a garden hose from a water well to a house since not enough water will go through the hose. The same is the case with audio cables. Make sure that you buy a quality power cable to power the subwoofer and amplifiers.

A quality power cable will allow current to flow freely providing adequate power to the sub and amp. The cables will provide better signal flow due to which you will hear a more detailed sound. Quality cables will also reject electrical interference resulting in a good music listening experience.

7. Buy a Capacitor for the Amps

Have you experienced a drop in performance after running the subs loud for more than a minute? Does the car light dim when you turn up the volume while driving? If the answer is yes, you should consider buying a capacitor for the amp.

A capacitor will provide a more consistent power supply to the amplifier. This will address the performance issues with the car’s audio system. It acts as a buffer between the battery of the car and the amplifier.

You have to connect the capacitor on the power cable from the battery ideally close to the amp. The capacitor will store power and satisfy it to meet the high demand of the amp when required.

The above tips will help you in choosing the best quality stereo system and related accessories for your car. You can get a dose of quality music when you drive your car that will have a pleasant effect on the mood.

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