7 Ways to Boost Your Daily Productivity

7 Ways to Boost Your Daily Productivity

Want to get more out of your 24 hour daily time allotment? The more productive your time, the more powerful your day is going to be. In this article, we provide 7 ultra effective productivity hacks that will have you cranking through your tasks like a person possessed.

Daily Innovation

Unproductive people often spend a lot of time daydreaming rather than actually doing. However, thinking about stuff is an important part of being super productive. It can lead to new creative and innovative ways of doing tasks that makes them more efficient.

The key is to structure time for daily innovative thinking. So, block in a 30 minute period each day where you think about your goals, tasks and procedures. Let your brain play with original concepts. Make the time unstructured and experimental. It should feel like a break from work that rejuvenates your mind. It will provide an outlet for your energy without slowing down your momentum.

Morning Phone Bans

The majority of people immediately reach for their phone when they wake up. They then spend about half an hour checking through their social media. That thirty minutes usually indicates the rest of their day.

If you want to be more productive you need to change that routine. Keep your phone out of your bedroom and out of your early morning routine. Spend that first half hour thinking about your goals for the day and exactly what you need to so that when you come to bed at night you feel great about how productive you have been. Use that vital early morning time to boost your productivity.


Yes, working out cuts into your day but it is an investment that will pay off in terms of productivity. You will be more energized, more mentally sharp and more in tune with our body. Getting in your workout first thing in the morning is a great way to begin a productive day. After a shower and your after workout skincare, you’ll be primed to seize the day.

Create an Emergency

Sometimes we need an extra push to get us going. When you create a crisis, you are supplying two powerful motivators:

  • Time
  • Pressure

We all work more efficiently when we know we have a time deadline to keep to. Pressure in the form of failing or letting someone down also make us up your productivity game. So give yourself a non-negotiable deadline to get the job done. If you have a largish job to do over the course of a day, such as writing a 3000 word analysis, chunk it over several hours but give yourself deadlines to hit certain word targets every hour.

Make Templates

Often, we can waste a lot of time doing the boring routine work over and over again. Templates can help to save hours of repetition by providing you with a pre-made framework that simply needs to be filled in. Of course it will take a little extra time initially to set up a template but it will be well worth the effort.

When you see patterns in your work actively look for ways to eliminate it and so reduce your level of boredom. Not having to spend a lot of time on the boring stuff because you have a premade template will make you more enthusiastic about the actual project that you are working on, and the more enthusiastic you are, the more productive you will be.

Prevent Text Interruptions

How often have you been into the flow of a work project, humming along beautifully when you are interrupted by a text message. You spend the next fifteen minutes conversing with the interrupter and then it takes another half hour to remember what you were doing and get back on track. Suddenly you’ve lost nearly an hour out of your day.

You can prevent all of this unproductive time by simply setting your phone to ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. If you are waiting for a specific call, your phone should allow you to choose which calls to let through. That way you can avoid distractions while, at the same, making sure that you don’t miss important messages.

Body Position Changes

Sitting at a desk all day is not the best way to be productive. In fact, it will make you drowsy and uncomfortable. The key to enhancing your productivity is to be ergonomically flexible. Sit for the first hour then do your work standing at a desk for the next hour.


You now have at your disposal an arsenal of nine powerful productivity hacks to optimize your day. But they will only benefit if you put them to use. Start working through them one by one, analyzing how well they work for you. Keep those that work and discard the rest. Then build those productive hacks into your lifestyle habits to become a more efficient and effective manager of your day.

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