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Area Code 855: Toll-Free Area Code For Caller, Allegedly Not Free For Receiver

Area code 855 is an area code reserved for toll=free calls in which the party making the call is not charged. Instead, it has been reported and alleged that the telephone carrier charges the cost of the call to the party that is being called, according to web site areacode.org.

The site asserts that toll-free numbers, including this 855 area code, have applications for such operations as technical support and customer service.

Investigating calls received from this area code reveals that people are kept on the line to do a survey regarding a former visit to a car dealer or automobile repair shop. Others have received calls from this number to discuss a trip or vacation they had been on.

Yet, others say that they are being asked for money in what appears to be a scam operation. One person received a call from this area code and suggested to the friendly woman caller that she was part of a scam – and the woman quickly hung up the phone.

As always, it is advised that persons do not answer numbers area codes they not recognize and just wait and see if a message is left. If not, it is wise to check out the area code online before returning a call. You might not like what you read about the area code, as in the case of some of the phone numbers being dialed from area code 855.

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