Assault Bikes vs. Titan's Fan Bike

Assault Bikes vs. Titan’s Fan Bike

Take your workout up a notch or two by hopping on an air bike. These stationary bikes have a built-in fan, which creates a resistance level based on your pace. The more intense your workout, the harder you must work due to the air resistance generated. An air bike isn’t your typical stationary bike. Air bikes include handles for working your upper body while peddling, making them perfect for CrossFit athletes. However, you don’t have to be an elite athlete to use an air bike; they provide people of all skill levels a low-impact, high-calorie-burning, whole-body workout. Let’s look at two comparable air bikes: Rogue’s AssaultBike Classic and Titan’s Fan Bike.


Rogue’s AssaultBike weighs 95.64 pounds. The heavy-duty steel frame can support a 300-pound maximum weight capacity. Every pivot and moving part of the bike has sealed cartridge bearings. It also has reinforced pedals and cranks.

Titan’s Fan Bike is crafted from heavy-gauge steel and weighs in at 111 pounds. Its maximum weight capacity is 330 pounds, giving it greater versatility in a multi-user situation. Every pivot has sealed cartridge bearings and it features a fully-enclosed metal chain drive, reinforced metal pedals, cranks, and knurled footpegs. Its durability makes Titan’s Fan Bike one of the best home fitness equipment options for your home gym, whether you already own other exercise equipment (e.g., squat racks or a treadmill) or this is your only one.

Size and Maneuverability

Titan's Fan Bike

The AssaultBike is 50 inches in height, 50.95 inches in length and 23.34 inches in width. It has built-in front casters for moving.

Titan’s Fan Bike is a little smaller at 50 inches high, 50.25 inches long and 20.375 inches wide. This compact design, paired with 10-inch turf tires, will help you move the bike across practically any terrain, indoors or out. The built-in back handle means even easier maneuverability.


The comfortable AssaultBike seat can be adjusted for height and the forward and backward layback. The horizontal seat angle is also adjustable.

Titan’s Fan Bike features a large, ergonomic seat. This seat is also adjustable in multiple ways.


The large LCD of the AssaultBike can track your heart rate, speed, RPM, time, calories burned and watts. It also includes various on-board programs, Infinite Intensity + Resistance, as well as Tabata and custom interval training. You can add a windscreen and a water bottle holder for $40 each. This bike starts at $699.

Titan’s Fan Bike has a large, high-contrast LCD console that features Bluetooth heart rate tracking, RPM, time, distance, calories, watts and an odometer. Numerous workout modes are available, including HIIT programs for endurance, stamina training, Tabata and target tracking. The Fan Bike comes with a removable fan guard to decrease air blowback, an adjustable, grippy phone holder and a water bottle holder. It offers a lower price point at $629.99.

An air bike affords one of the most efficient calorie-burning activities you can do. This means that you shouldn’t be disappointed with the results, even contributing minimal time and effort. Begin your journey with an online search for fan bike for sale by reputable air bike retailers.

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