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Best Tips That Will Change the Life of Every Boot Lover

All women are crazy about booties, boots, and ankle boots. Sneakers may be comfortable, but they don’t have any sex appeal. On the other hand, boots offer a kick of power, edge, glamour, and confidence that’s otherwise given by high-heeled pumps, but without suffering any blisters, sore soles, pinched toes or pain. The popularity of boots has increased with the range of short boot styles available in the market. If you’re a boot lover and can’t stop yourself from browsing online boot sales, you have come to the right place.

We are going to be discussing the best tips that are going to change the life of every boot lover. Here’s what you need to know:

1. A Little Ankle Never Hurt Anyone

Showing a bit of ankle not only styles up your boots but gives the image of making your legs appear taller. You can easily roll up the hems of your straight or relaxed fit jeans casually and let the rolls be messy and unmatched. Trim out the extra inches and tailor your jeans to the length that is right above your ankles. You can leave the edges raw if you’re looking to give off an edgy vibe.

2. Cover Ankle Boots with Tailored ‘Ankle Pants’

If you’ve got thicker ankles, or you’re going for a business-like or classic look, you should wear pants that cover the top of the ankle boot. You should look for breakage at the beginning, as most pants and jeans that are called ankle length for women are longer.

Shorten any pant or straight jeans that puddle over the ankle boots or gets bunched upsloppily. You should bring your boots when you get the pants adjusted to the right size.

3. Wear Classic Boots Easily

Do you love a dressier boot that hugs your legs and has a small heel? Do you want to go with classic boots in equestrian-style? You should pair up these boots with skirts or dresses from midi to the knee and wear them over bare legs or tights. They won’t look good under flared, loose, or wide pants, so you shouldn’t try it since that’s what these boots are for. It can be difficult to wear knee-high boots, especially if you have old ones which won’t have stretch panels and full zippers.

Mature legs may start swelling. Most people have thick calves, but the trick is to use dry, clean bags, sandwich wraps, and thin plastic bags that can be wrapped over your ankles or feet and pull up your boots.

4. You Can Add More Style with Unique Prints or Colors

It’s well-known that booties, ankle boots, and platform boots will go nicely with everything, but you should do something different at times to stand out. A leather boot looks amazing when you pair it with dark neutral colors, like navy, black, and charcoal. In summer and warmer climates, gray, beige, and soft taupes look amazing, while sparkly metallics are very popular.

5. Long Dresses Look Cooler with Shorter Boots

Short boots add a fresh look to any feminine outfit, as they ensure the sweet florals don’t look odd, and these booties will look great from any dress that by adding a sexier detail.

6. Boot May Either Be Terrific or Tacky

This is one of the most difficult choices to make when it comes to boots, but if you’re an ex-supermodel or celebrity, high-heeled boots make you look spectacular. However, for regular people, the best option is wearing black, flat-soled boots which add extra warmth and style. These boots look great when they are worn with black tights or skinny jeans, and you can pair them up with tunic sweaters, T-shirts, or a shirtdress that swings free or unbuttons.

7. Get Some Snow and Rain Boots

If you’re looking for style winter boots won’t be your first option, since they’re clunky and are all about freezing toes and storms. However, newer versions of boots are not only waterproof but also offer great traction. You can get the stylish puffer booties or boots with shearling collars and block heels. You can also opt for statement-making wedges and combat or hiker-inspired, laced-up boots with luxe linings. If you’re looking for boots you can wear to work, you should consider Chelsea or Equestrian-style rain boots that won’t out of place.

8. Regularly Clean Your Boots

You should practice routine maintenance and preventive care for your suede and leather booties, boots, and ankle boots, whether they are new or old, faux or real. You should go to a good repair shop for reinforcing leather soles, which don’t have lug or rubber bottoms and come with a thin rubber sole to offer slip-resistance.

There are weatherproofing sprays that you can use to mist boots every month, to create a film that is water-resistant. It’s not the best solution but will protect you if you end up getting caught in the rain or the snow. You should remove dirt and grime before polishing and conditioning since irrespective of how great the boot style is any grit, marks or worn spots will ruin the effect.

Your suede boots should be rubbed by using a gum pencil or kneaded eraser so any dark marks can be sanded off so that the texture comes back by cleaning with a terry facecloth or old toothbrush. You can remove scratches from dark leather by dabbing natural oil on a piece of cloth with a mixture of water and baking soda or lightly dab or water and toothpaste.

9. Conditioning Leather Boots

Whether they are real or faux boots, you can easily condition them with a cloth every week to restore softness and maintain their luster. Pastes and creams moisturize leather as it may get dull, crack, or dry out, like your skin. Wax, neutral polish, and cream work with all color leathers, and don’t change or deepen the color. You should use a cloth to apply, then let it dry and shine it with another clean cloth.

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