How To Walk in Heels

How To Walk in Heels Like A Pro – 5 Easy Tips and Tricks

Just how cute are these cute shoes!?! My mom calls them doll shoes. She thinks they are the most adorable thing in shoes ever. I have 2 other pairs of these cute babes as well.

At first I was like there’s no way I could stand or do anything in these and I figured out if you do some training (like training on a bicycle for the first time) you get better and better at walking in them. It might take some time just don’t be afraid and you will love them.

I always see girls shorter than me walking in them and I am like how the heck do they walk in them, maybe they are just short and petite and its easy to walk in them? Then how do models as tall as me do it? So I just found some ways to walk in heels.

Tips and Tricks in walking in these types of pumps:

1. Practice. Practice. Practice

Its not always easy, but don’t worry if you just practice, then you will be great in no time. It took me a while to learn how to walk in these heels and I am still working on it.

2. Walk from Heel to Toe

Walk from Heel to Toe

The first time I just walked on my tip toes i know its bad for your ankles and feet but I didn’t know what I was doing with these heels, so I ended up just walking on my tip toes to my spot to take photos. Then I got the hang of it with the heel first then go to the toes. Its kind of scary since they are so high, so just go really slow at first, do not attempt to run or walk fast.

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3. You Should Make Sure the Platform Heel Actually Fits Your Feet

No one wants to see a girl with big shoes on your heels and then you struggle to walk in them since they are to big; or the other way around they are way too small. OUCH! I would feel like a ballerina if I had a really small shoe size.

So, just get your size. I am usually different sizes on heels, most heels are small or they are big. When I buy them online, if they don’t have 9.5 I will get a 9 if they are really tall heels. I am already 510, so I feel like a giant sometimes in heels. Ha ha!

4. Bring Extra Shoes

Always carry another pair of shoes with you like flats or tennis shoes or wedges that are more comfy if your feet are killing you. No one wants you to be able to walk 24/7 in these, so bring extra shoes! We all carry big bags around so why not put a pair of other shoes right?

ways to walk in heels

5. Blisters are Usually Another Part of Walking in Brand New Heels

I don’t get blisters in heels for some odd reason, but when I get flats I always end up having blisters from that. My tip is get some really great tights like opaque tights for those wintery weather if you end up wearing heels then.

Or just thick tights that will prevent from getting your skin rubbing. Another one is during summer and fall when its still hot outside get some Band-Aids and put them where you have blisters or if you feel rubbing somewhere just stop and put some Band-Aids on the part.


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