Can You Look Glamorous in Second Hand Clothing?


Have you been wondering whether your second hand finds can look as gorgeous and glamorous as your designer garments? Well, wonder no more because the answer is yes and absolutely. There are many incredible finds at second hand shops, some of which can even be designer clothing if you’re lucky enough to notice it and actually pay attention to something like that. Anyhow, there’s no doubt that second hand garments can sometimes look even better than modern day expensive luxury pieces. But, there is a trick to smart second hand shopping as well. Several of them actually.

Keep on reading and you’ll gain a valuable insight on how to save some money but still look like a runway model in your fabulous outfits.

1. Buy And Wear Clothes That Fit You

The first great rule to any amazing clothing combination is getting the garments that fit you perfectly. This goes for any kind of shops, not only second hand ones. Still, sometimes it can get tricky to find your perfect size, especially if you don’t conform to standard figure sizes (and most people don’t). In that respect, it’s a lot cheaper and more effective to shop at second hand stores where having your clothes tailored is actually worth it.

Therefore, remember – always be on the lookout for a garment that fits perfectly but don’t be reluctant to visit a tailor if you happen to find a piece that’s really great but needs some tweaks here and there.

2. Do some DIY replacement


If you have an eye for detail, you know how much a simple thing can change up the look of the whole outfit. Therefore, if you get lucky with your fabulous second hand finds, don’t be afraid to apply some DIY on them.

For example, simply replacing the buttons can transform the garments completely. You can make it even more unique by adding cufflinks or collar necklaces as well. Such details can truly make the whole garment look more expensive, fashionable and interesting, so much so that you won’t even believe it.

3. Stay Clear From Damaged And Distressed Goods

Be very careful when you buy your clothes at second hand stores. No garment can look good if it appears old and worn-out, let alone ripped and distressed. Because of that, you should pay really good attention to what catches your eye at these stores. Make sure to inspect the garment thoroughly before purchasing it.

Distressed denim can sometimes look cool but not if the places it’s distressed at are not at all flattering. Luckily, you most definitely can find pieces at second hand stores that don’t look old in the slightest or worn at all.

4. Know What To Spend Your Money On


You don’t have to buy all your clothes from second hand stores. Mixing it up with both investment and cheap pieces is actually what makes the outfit look more textured, personal and fabulous. For example, think your style through. What kind of clothes do you wear the most? What are your statement pieces? You can always invest in timeless, trendy pieces such as top quality pair of shoes or maxi evening dresses that you can easily style with your second hand finds such as nice jackets, blazers, belts and similar. Mixing and matching your clothes in that respect is an ever popular trend that is unlikely to go away from the fashion scene.

5. Take Good Care Of Your Clothes

Taking good care of your clothes will keep it from getting worn out and distressed for longer. Of course, wearing garments that look as good as new is the sure way to look fabulous regardless of where you got your clothes from. But, even if you buy your clothes at second hand stores, you need to treat it with care.

Be very careful when you wash your clothes. If you wash it and dry it too often, it will easily lose its original shape and color, and the fabric can get a lot thinner. If you just need to refresh it a bit, put it in a fridge. There are also other great ways to reduce odor without actually washing the clothes. Also, frequent ironing can damage the clothes and some delicate materials. In this case, both odor and wrinkles can disappear if you opt for a steamer.

With all that’s been said, all that is left is to check whether you can actually follow the advice given. If you’re confident in your fashionable spirit and love experimenting with different clothes and stores, most definitely visit some of your local second hand shops. You never know what you may find and how much money you can actually save on equally gorgeous and trendy outfits.



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