Care and Maintenance of Australian Made UGG Boots

Care and Maintenance of Australian Made UGG Boots

Footwear can make all the difference to your personality and confidence. Keeping this in mind, it is wise to invest in a good pair of boots which are not only trendy but also comfortable. UGG boots have gained popularity with the passing of time due to their design and style.

These sheepskin boots are unisex, that is, can be worn by males and females. Originating in Australia and New Zealand, have a synthetic sole with an outer surface which is tanned. These boots have been in demand from the 1960’s but have managed to gain popularity in the United Kingdom and the United States only in the 1990’s.

Care and Maintenance of UGG Boots made in Australia:

As you have spent quite a bit on these UGG boots it is essential to know how to take care of these. Following some tips listed below your Australian made UGG boots can last for a longer time without causing any problems.

Soaking in Water:

Once you have let your boots get soaked in water or snow you are heading for trouble as these might not only lose shape but the adhesives are affected and you also find stains on these. Soaking them in rain water for long, or keeping the boots in a drenched state reduces their longevity. In this connection, you need to consult with the boot manufacturing company label to get an idea of how to take year-round care of the ugg boots.

Preventing Stains:

Make sure of clean and dry boots before you apply a sheepskin cleaner and conditioner. These need to be treated with the conditioner before you wear them for the first time. There is no dirt seeping in once you have treated the boots with this cleaner.

Exposure to Heat:

Eliminate the risk of fading by ensuring you do not expose them to sunlight or even a heater or a radiator. In short, keep them away from any source of heat. Over exposure also leads to discoloration and the weakening of the texture of the boot. Also, if you hang them on the pegs and expose them to the harsh sun rays, then also the boots can get discolored.

Treating UGG Boots:

When treating these boots to the conditioner it is better if you do so in the outdoors. The spray should be held at least six inches away from the boot. You need to spray this in an even manner and ensure that the boot is wet but in no way soaked. When you use sheepskin stain and water repellant, you should ensure that you hold the boots properly and then start cleansing the stains evenly.

Drying the UGG Boots:

After cleaning the boots, ensure they are left to dry in a ventilated and cool place for at least 24 hours.

Brushing the Boots:

Once these are dried completely you need to gently brush them using a specific sued brush. A course or a stiff brush used tends to leave scratches on them.

Storing UGG Boots:

Ensure that the boots are thoroughly dried before storing. A little dampness can lead to a growth of mold. This ruins the classic boots. When not in use make sure to store these boots with a rolled towel or soft paper stuffed inside. This helps in retaining the shape of the boots.

Original UGG Boots

Original UGG Boots

There are a lot of boots available in the market but opting for a pair of Australian made UGG boots you know for sure you are investing in the right product. You can conduct an online search and find out a well-reputed supplier of these boots. Make sure you do not compromise on the authenticity of these boots just to save some money.


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