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The Content Trends You Need to Be Aware of in 2020

One thing we can categorically say about search engine optimization is that it’s always changing. The internet is a competitive place, and to keep reaching the top of the rankings you’ve got to continue to adapt and improve.

This is great news for consumers because there’s a constant arms-battle for website owners to offer us better and better content. However, if you’re the one producing the content, then you’ve constantly got to be on your game and making sure your stuff is the best out there.

Like any other year, 2020 will see plenty of changes in SEO, but here are some key things to look out for when you’re producing content for 2020.

Keep it Visual

The success of platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram just got to show that people love visual content. It’s normal – the television was many peoples’ favorite pastime for decades before the internet, so why would they suddenly switch to reading long blog posts?

Make sure you’re using aesthetically pleasing, interactive video content in 2020. Studies show that people are likely to skim written text, but more likely to thoroughly consume video.

Instant Loading

People simply will not wait for slow websites. If your pages take longer to load than the user expects, then they’re going to bounce right on out of there, severely impacting your ability to rank.

Make sure you’re set up with a fast hosting package like and at least taking care of the basics when it comes to site speed. While you’re busy building your super-visual site, make sure those images are properly optimized and try not to run too many plugins.

Content with Purpose

If content is to be successful, it has to have a purpose. It has to give meaningful information to consumers that help them solve problems and answer questions. That means putting your readers’ needs at the forefront of your content.

It’s no use just putting content on your site for the sake of it, or just to please some algorithms. If you’re going to invest time and money into a content strategy, then make sure every piece counts.

Prioritize the audiences’ wants and needs over your sales and advertising whims and you may just find your content starts to perform better.

Audience-First Research

We’re all aware of the classic SEO technique of keyword research. We find out roughly what the world has been searching Google for and then make content to fit the results.

But if you already have an audience, why not go straight to the horses’ mouth and ask them what content they want to see? You might find that what you discover offers you a lot of new content ideas to pursue.

Earning a customer through content means earning their trust by giving them helpful information and helping them with a question. What better way to do this than by bringing them into the process and asking them what problems they actually need solving?

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