Advantages of artificial intelligence

Do You Know What AI Has Done To Technology Today?

Smartphones brought about a revolution in the way we view accessibility, transforming our mobiles from instruments of calls and texts, to a gateway into the ever-widening world of the internet. We started using our phones to get on social media, pay our bills, book our flights, schedule our meetings, watch our movies, get our news and even find love.

With advancements, we gradually improved on other devices too – smart TVs that performed a host of operations, smart ACs that sensed the perfect temperatures required, smart refrigerators which cooled according to requirement automatically and smart watches that track heartbeat, show distance travelled and calories burned and even smart homes where you can control every aspect using your Smartphone as a remote control device. All of these have been made possible by the giant strides in one key department – artificial intelligence.

Entering the Age of Smart Everything

AI is poised to play a vital role in regulating every piece of digital equipment in both industrial and domestic settings within the next decade or so. It is undoubtedly the next big thing in mobile – as we enter an age where machines will tell humans what to do, based on data-driven decisions.

The deployment of AI is diverse – it can be used in chat bots, natural language processing, cloud APIs, robotics and much more. AI will permeate all devices and interconnect every sensor, leaving us in a situation where we can control the opening and closing of a door 500 miles away using our Smartphones.

Why Now?

The AI takeover is almost upon us, for two simple reasons. First, we have gone through years of testing and small-scale implementation, enough to say with reasonable certainty that this will indeed work on the global platform. Already we have seen instances were automated machines are carrying out jobs that were previously considered impossible for a computer to perform. In China, we had AI coming up with news reports, with accuracy and speed far beyond human capacities. In Saudi Arabia, we have the first ever instance of a humanoid being granted citizenship of a country. In the US and Canada, self-driving cars are being deployed. In most of the Western world, smart homes and smart kitchens. Etc. are a reality already.

The second reason is that our hardware is finally ready for this shift. Not only are we now producing enough sensors and microchips as would be necessary for the Internet of Things to work smoothly, these sensors are now more affordable than ever before, meaning their deployment in regular homes and smaller industries is a distinct possibility. Now that their mass production is possible, there is no other real step in the way of utilizing AI to make our lives more comfortable.

Where to Start

The origin point of AI in mass deployment is going to be through applications in mobile devices. Processors which can accumulate data and learn from it are the future, and we have already seen various mobile apps utilizing AI – predictive models, building self-knowledge and producing personalized outcomes.

All of this is an indication of exactly how much power can be harnessed from Artificial Intelligence, and how close we are to stepping into a new era of technology – the era of smart everything.

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