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Everything You Need to Know About Setting Up Utilities

Moving is a part of life, with the average person in the United States moving nearly 12 times. Setting up utilities is one of the most frustrating aspects of moving to a new home or apartment. Transferring your utilities from your previous residence can become a headache.

A checklist to guide you through each step can streamline the process and help you enjoy a seamless moving experience. You’ll know what needs to be set up and which companies to contact about proceeding.

Don’t let nerves or frustration prevent you from making your next move. This handy guide will help you set up utilities and turn your new house into a home. Continue reading to get your utilities today!

List the Utilities You’ll Need

When setting up utilities in your new home or residence, the best starting point is to list the utilities you’ll need to resume your daily routine. A detailed list is best for setting up your new living space.

Electricity is one of the first utilities to be set up upon arriving at your new residence. If you’re worried about energy expenses, it’s worth looking at renewable energy sources like solar panels.

The upfront costs are intimidating, but several ways exist to find out if solar panels are worth it. To maximize your savings, you can pair the money saved on your energy bill with the 2024 Solar Tax Credit.

Other utilities to focus on include:

  • Internet
  • Cable or satellite TV
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Natural gas
  • Recycling

Look for service providers in your area to meet your household’s needs. Determine who calls and sets up each utility to tackle the transition. It’s the best way to ensure a stress-free move.

Call Your Current Service Providers

If you have established utility service providers at your previous residence, it’s best to notify them of your impending move. A good rule of thumb is to call three to four weeks before your move-out date.

Clear communications will help you schedule an accurate shut-off date that doesn’t cause inconveniences before you leave for your new home. Provide your new address so each company can receive your final utility bills.

It’s also an excellent time to ask if your current service providers can assist you at the new residence. You may be able to transfer your services to the new address to ease the moving process.

Contact New Utility Providers

Use your list of necessary utilities at your new home to determine if you’ll need a new service provider. If your previous providers can’t service your new residence, you can start finding the best options.

Google is an excellent resource for comparing energy and utility companies in your area. It’s wise to schedule the installation or setup of your new services two weeks before your move-in date.

Your landlord or real estate agent is a fantastic resource if you’re unsure where or how to begin setting up utilities. Ask about billing, terms of the agreement, and the services each provider offers customers.

It’s worth noting that some utility companies require a deposit when establishing services. When preparing to schedule installation, ask about prerequisites and lead times.

Create Online Accounts

Online accounts streamline the process of paying energy bills or seeking customer service. You log into your account through an app or web browser and see the amount you owe for the previous month.

Monthly statements will help you budget, and you can also track your electrical usage if you haven’t switched to solar energy. The information you gather will help your local solar energy provider determine the size of a solar installation you’ll need.

Utilities to Schedule

Knowing which utilities to prioritize will help you and your family adjust to your new living space. It’s critical to prioritize certain utilities to enjoy a stress-free move.

A lack of internet can create issues if you’re a remote worker, and a lack of natural gas or electricity can put your family in harm’s way during extreme heat or frigid temperatures.

Here’s a look at the utilities to focus on after you’ve signed the lease or mortgage on your new residence.

Gas and Electric

Knowing your market is essential when finding a gas or electric service provider. A regulated market has one utility provider, while a deregulated market has several options.

Online resources and local utility commissions can help you find the proper solution. When scheduling installation at your new residence, you may need to pay a deposit of $100.


Water is another essential service for setting up utilities in your new home. You can skip this step if your new house has an existing well. If your water comes from somewhere other than a well, you likely depend on your city or county for running water.

If you need a new water supplier, you must create an account online to set up your utilities. Then, for the same water supplier, you’ll need to let them know about your new address and transfer your services.

TV and Internet

While not essential, TV and internet are among the first services many homeowners and renters set up when moving into a new residence. Research the internet and TV providers in the area to find price ranges that fit within your budget.

Checking the internet speeds is also beneficial if you work from home or play online games. Compare the existing promotions to get the best deal when shopping for an internet provider. After moving in, you can use the discounts to your advantage and save money on utility bills.

Start Setting up Utilities at Your New Residence

Moving to a new home or living space is an exciting step toward creating your dream life, and setting up utilities is an excellent way to streamline the move. Top utilities to focus on include water, electricity, and internet.

Compare providers in your area to secure the best rates, and consider installing solar panels to save on your energy expenses. Use Google to read reviews of service providers and utilize promotions and discounts to save.

Making your new house a home is essential to feel comfortable and at peace after a move. Check out our Home Decor content for ideas and inspiration when setting up your new house today!

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