Five Reasons Brands Use Guest Posts On Blogs

Five Reasons Brands Use Guest Posts On Blogs

Do you follow a blog? If you don’t check in on one regularly, then it might be that you know someone who has their own blog – or maybe you write one yourself. You could be involved in your company’s online blog or want to add one to your own personal website.

If you keep an eye on some blogs in your areas of interest or industry, then you may have noticed that some may occasionally use guest bloggers as a way to add content to their site. So, can guest blogging work for you? Here are some reasons why it might be a great idea.

It boosts authority online

Online marketing is about authority. It can be tricky to convert those people in an audience into subscribers or customers if they don’t trust the brand – even if it’s using the best content possible.

Contributing to other authoritative blogs will offer the opportunity to improve a brand’s credibility as a source of information. Your target audience will see you as someone who’s recognised by other trustworthy brands, meaning they’ll be more interested in any value you can offer them on your own site.

It can grow your following on social media

Not only can it boost the shares you’ll get on social media to your content, but guest blogging will also increase the number of followers you have. This will, in turn, accelerate your lead generation. A blog contribution means that a particular brand is vouching for your own, so you look good to their own followers.

These benefits will make it easier to gain trust from your target audience and get them to become active followers. Post regular updates and useful details as a reward.

It supports your backlink profile

Many blogs will let contributors include a link to their own site – most won’t offer payment for your efforts, so a keyword-optimised link or brand mention is usually offered in return. Every backlink will benefit your SEO (search engine optimisation) when it’s from an authoritative blog and will help your content be easier to find through search engines.

You can consider using guest blogging services to get the most out of your backlinking strategy. This can help improve your reach and your search engine result rankings by using sites that perfectly match your content.

You discover new people

Guest blogging means that you can enter an established community and have the chance to share your message. You can connect with new people and – if you do this correctly – then you can benefit from it.

If you’re adding value to a conversation, then you will see that you’ll gradually get more followers. If you’re just selling or asking questions, then you may end up getting a reputation you may not want. So, add value, help others and be patient – you’ll win over time.

It builds relationships

This will happen because bloggers require good content and, by being a good guest blogger, you will add value to their blog. By befriending others through guest posting, you’ll grow your influence on social media and will get more subscribers yourself.

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