How to Choose the Right Lace Wig for Your Face

How to Choose the Right Lace Wig for Your Face

When you decide you want to wear a lace wig your decision-making has just begun. There are decisions to make as to what lace wig you should buy. The best thing about changing your hairstyle by buying a lace wig is that you aren’t committed to it. If it doesn’t work for you, then you can simply try another one. For this reason, one of the first things to remember when you are shopping for a new lace wig is to start with the lower priced ones. Once you get the hang of what you are looking for you can then go for the more expensive, higher quality lace wigs.

If you have the opportunity to walk into a real live luxury hair boutique, then you are in luck. You can browse and try on anything and choose exactly what you want and what looks good. However, if you are shopping online, then you will have a more difficult time choosing a lace wig that suits you. However, it can be done.

Besides starting with lace wigs of lower cost, the best thing to do is be conservative – at least in the beginning. If you can try on wigs in a boutique or shop, then start with styles and colours with which you are familiar so that you can see what suits you. What you are used to may very well be the styles that suit your face. As you get used to trying on styles that you are used to you can start branching out. Let yourself go and see what different styles look like with your face. Do short styles suit you better? Are curls better than straight hair? Should your hair be sculpted around your face or be set away from your face? Then there is the ultimate question – bangs or no bangs? Well, let’s consider the shape of your face.

If you are choosing a wig online, then you will have to know what works with your face shape. If your face is oval in shape, then you are very fortunate because an oval face will look good with almost any style of lace wig. It is the most versatile shape. If your face is round, then you want to stay away from short bobs and styles that will make your face look fuller. Instead you want a style that will help make your face look narrower, such as soft curls, layers, and styles that frame the face.

If your face is squarer in shape, then you will want to choose a lace wig that has no fringe. If you do want to have a fringe, then make sure it is not a box cut, but is cut in a wispy style. With a heart-shaped face you will want the fullness of the lace wig to be at the bottom, at chin length, and to keep length in the hair at the crown and sides of the head. Finally, there is the oblong face, which requires you to stay away from long lace wigs and wigs that are layered. These will make your face look longer. Instead, choose wigs that come to the middle of your neck and are curly or wavy.

As you can see, choosing a lace wig to suit the shape of your face isn’t as difficult as you might have believed. This short guide will help point you in the right direction. Then you can see what is available and choose one that will compliment your face shape. Then once you receive that wig and put it on, you will look like the goddess you are.

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