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From Crib To Bed: Best Bedroom Decor For Toddlers

There are so many joys to being a new parent, but those joys do not come without their fair share of pressure. When it comes to understanding the best bedroom decor for your tiny tot, you may be at a total loss – how long should your infant share the room with you? How effective can baby monitors be, and what kind of mattress sizes do you need to consider when it comes to your child?

There are a lot of questions, but fear not, because we come prepped with answers. Your time as a new parent should be spent doing the most productive things you can: being present and enjoying every minute of time you have with your baby. If you’re getting pre-birth jitters and want to ensure your child gets the best possible sleep they can (and in turn, ensure you’re also getting the best possible sleep you can), here are our top tips:

The A-Zs of Mattress Sizes For Your Baby

When it comes to figuring out a mattress size that works for your infant, your first port of call is obviously going to be your cot dimensions. Most cots will come with mattresses for your child, but it isn’t just their sleep you need to be considering.

The most comfortable mattress for your child is also very likely going to be the most comfortable mattress for you. We say this because in their first few years, you’ll find yourself sharing your own bed or sleep schedule with your child, and so your rest is equally important as your child’s is.

Investing in a good quality memory foam mattress will not only ensure you a comfortable night’s sleep, it’s also going to prevent you from unnecessary strain or injury as you constantly rise and hunch over your baby. A larger mattress may also be prudent if you’re considering sharing your bed, and will ensure there is enough space for you, your partner, and your tiny new roommate.

The most comfortable mattress for your toddlers 

Toddler room ideas, Toddlers room decorating ideas, Toddler room decor

Accounting for the transition between your baby’s cot to their first bed means doing the research necessary to ensure they’re properly comforted through their first real nights alone. One of the reasons a memory foam mattress works particularly well for your child’s wider bedroom decor is that it is versatile enough to suit a wide range of sleepers.

This includes children who sleep on their stomachs, sides, or backs. Since these years are crucial to your child’s physical and emotional development, it’s important they develop a healthy relationship with sleep early on, and this means ensuring they have the most comfortable mattress you can find for the purpose.

Most top tier mattress companies will also allow you to have a sleep trial, which will help you with really ensuring you’re buying the most comfortable mattress you can for you and your child’s unique requirements.

Bedroom decor that works for your baby, and works for your home

When it comes to bedroom decor for your toddler’s room, you don’t have to compromise on style or substance in the name of making something kid-friendly. Regardless of the various mattress sizes out there, finding the right bedroom decor is really about understanding and optimizing the space available to you.

Picking the right theme will really help you hone in on your child’s comfort, as well as how your child’s bedroom decor will fit in with the wider theme of the house. If you generally gravitate towards minimalism, cool and calming colors with plenty of space for your child to play in will make the perfect fit for your wider home.

Your child’s bed can also fit to match this theme. Investing in the most comfortable mattress you can find does not mean you have to clutter your child’s bed with quilts, soft toys, and blankets galore – find classic pieces that you know your toddler is naturally drawn to, and build onto these as you find necessary.

Building a healthy sleep hygiene routine for your baby 

Toddlers have erratic sleep cycles and tend to require far more sleep more often for their own wellbeing. While these sleep patterns are (thankfully!) not permanent, it is important early on to instill a sense of routine and discipline to the way your child falls asleep, so that they can carry these habits well into adulthood.

Even the most comfortable mattress and the coziest bedroom decor you can find will be unhelpful if your child views sleep as a chore, or finds the experience to be fussy and unpleasant.

Lull them to bed by practicing the same kinds of rituals you might do with yourself when trying to go to bed – this may be playing calming music or other sounds softly in the background, using essential oils to soothe the mind using aromatherapy, and shutting out all unnecessary sources of light into the room.

You may also want to ensure they’re not heating up through the night, by checking that the temperature of their room and bedding keeps them cool and cozy. The top rated memory foam mattresses will ensure they have climate control capabilities that adapt to your body temperature through the night, making sure your little one doesn’t get interrupted during their sleep.

Bedroom decor for your newborn varies from things you’ll never have thought about, such as mattress sizes for children, to how you envision your child’s nursery to look like. Whether it’s understanding how memory foam mattresses work or simply creating a Pinterest board where all your design ideas can go, there’s little harm in ensuring you’re doing all you can to prep for the arrival of your tiny tot.

Remember that taking care of yourself during this time also means you’re doing the best you can to look out for your child, so investing in the most comfortable mattress you can find for yourself and your partner during this time will also be helpful to productive sleep cycles you can count on.

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