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Quirky Ways to Make Your Home Décor Truly Unique

Your home is one of the most important places in your world. It is where you can truly be yourself and relax, raise a family, and entertain your friends. With your home holding so much importance in your life, it is essential that you make it yours with the way you decide to decorate.

Every time that you walk through your front door, you should feel like you are in your own personal paradise. There are loads of things that you can do to make your home perfect; the key is merely learning what your options are.

To help you get started, this useful guide is going to give you five fantastic things you can do to create a quirky, unique home décor that will leave your guests in awe. By starting with small accents and moving to bigger DIY projects, you will find yourself in the house of your dreams long before the year is out.

Add some vintage elegance to your porch: The timeless umbrella stand

One place in the home that often gets neglected is the porch, which is strange when you think that it is the one place in your home everyone is going to see as soon as they enter. To add some simple glamor to the space and rejuvenate your porch, Excellent Accents might just have the answer!

Excellent Accents sell, among other stunning products, gorgeous, vintage umbrella stands that to add warmth and beauty to your décor. These stunning stands come in solid lacquered brass and copper, meaning they can survive anything and will always look just as good as when you first buy them.

The great thing about adding an umbrella stand to your porch is that it is functional as well as being gorgeous to look at. Alongside this, having a purpose umbrella stand echoes back to a simpler time of classic styles which will add instant class to your home.

Think outside the box: Why independent artists are great for your home

How many times have you been in someone else’s house and seen the same old reprint of some famous artwork in a fancy frame? Too many times is the answer.

Artwork will always add glamor to your home, but reprints will make it look tired and boring, more like a show house than a home. A fantastic alternative is to do some research and find independent artists who are selling their work. You can find the best places for original art online rather easily and, while this will be more expensive than a reprint, will be a truly unique piece.

Another great thing about using independent artists to decorate your home is that you can commission them to do bespoke pieces to fit the precise size or color scheme of your home, making all the work you display have a personal connection to you and your family.

Be bold: Alternative color schemes for your home

Many homeowners will decide to paint their houses in neutral tones and leave the decoration to do all the talking, but this means they are missing out on an excellent chance for bold self-expression.

You can find designer approved living room color schemes for every taste online that will help you to make bolder choices with your décor.

One fantastic idea is to have an accent wall painted in a bright, bold color and have the remaining walls in a complementary shade that allows light to reflect inwards. For example, a deep maroon red on your accent wall would work well paired with a warm, cream color on the rest of living space.

Alternatively, if you want to make a real splash, color all your walls in a bold color of your choice. The key with making this work is that you ensure the shade you choose is bright enough to reflect the natural light and that you build in additional artificial light so that you never have to strain your eyes.

Light the way: Get creative with lighting fixtures in your home

Lighting is yet another way you can add something special to your house by using one of these truly creative lighting ideas for your home. Shopping around for bespoke lampshades is one of the easier ways of adding visual interest, but there is more you can do.

For example, the Boon Glo Night Light is a fantastic alternative to conventional lamps as the glowing orbs on its surface can actually be removed and carried around the house, making it perfect for trips to the bathroom at night.

Essentially, you can find innovative lighting fixtures in almost any shape or design imaginable, from having the moon and stars projected on your ceiling to light your evenings to drooping reading lamps that curve over your head as you get stuck into a good book.

Make the old new: Renovate second-hand furniture for unique pieces

If you want to get really creative, then you will want to learn about the different ways to flip old furniture that can become your next DIY project. This is a great way to achieve a new look in your home without having to spend a ton of money.

Start by going down to your local furniture recycling shop or thrift store and finding a piece that you need. Then you can have fun deciding what colors to paint it, what little touches (such as stencils or decals) will give it that extra bit of pizazz, and what you are going to use it for.

One great thing to keep in mind when flipping furniture is that you can always combine different pieces to create something extraordinary. For example, if you could take the handles off an antique piece and apply them to a modern piece of furniture to create a cross-generational design that will stand out for you in all the right ways.

Using the great ideas provided in this article, you will be able to create a stunning home that reflects your personality and feels like your happy place.

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