In A Fugue State Here's A List Of 5 Places To Must-Visit

In A Fugue State? Here’s A List Of 5 Places To Must-Visit

There comes a time in our lives where we need to escape from our everyday busy lives and travel somewhere. An escape hatch from the noise, traffic, and stress is a must. I need a break!  If you have uttered this lately, you must step out from your place and embark on a journey. Not enough people appreciate the value of vacations and trips. Not only is it a great way to unwind from the stress of your everyday life, but you get the chance to embrace experiences and see many new things along the way.

Suppose you are serious about travel and finally taking steps to get away from your city. In that case, this article might be for you.

This article will discuss some of the best places to visit if you feel that you are in a fugue state. So without further ado, here are five places you must visit whenever you get the chance.

1. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

When it comes to travel within America, few places come to your mind on a list that you must visit, like the smoky mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. However, rest assured, the smoky mountains can bring the much-needed peace that you are seeking lately. Taking in the beauty of the landscape, being so close to nature, and breathing the fresh air can be great therapy for everyone.

Now before you jump the gun and head on over to the mountains, make sure you check out some of the hotels in Gatlinburg TN.  It will be best to check out the options and gauge which one suits you best. Don’t exceed your budget unless you have to. You can probably find a nice hotel room in any budget you set. Low or high, they will have something for you!

2. Maldives

If you are looking for a luxury tropical getaway, there might not be a better place than the Maldives Islands. Something like this is the kind of trip where you can spontaneously book a ticket and head out. The best part about the Maldives is that they offer you a visa on arrival. That means you don’t have to plan the trip through a travel agent by giving you that much-needed dose of excitement and spontaneity in your life.

Sit back on the white sandy beaches and enjoy the pristine blue waters. The Maldives is known to have some of the bluest and most transparent water on earth. Book your huts that float on top of the water and enjoy the well-earned relaxation of a tropical retreat.

3. Florence, Italy

If you are in the mood for a holiday with a dose of history, Florence is the place to be. The sheer wealth of culture and history which the city holds is hard to compete with anything. You can also walk through the streets, which Dante wrote about in his poetry, and learn about the historical city. Florentine culture is such that you have to walk the streets and spend time outside your hotel room to appreciate the city.

Walk over the Ponte Vecchio, appreciate the palace’s beauty and explore the Basilica if you get the chance. Florence does perfectly capture the beauty of Italian culture. If you get the chance, check out some of the other major cities in Italy as well. Milan, Rome, Venice, and Tuscany each have a unique charm that everyone should experience once in their lives.

4. India

India may not be one of the ideal travel destinations off the top of your head, but check out what the country has to offer if you ever get the chance. India is an incredibly underrated country when it comes to travel. There is so much culture to consume that you might initially feel overwhelmed. We can’t blame you because it’s a culture that has existed for over two millennia.

See what the Taj Mahal has to offer, check out the busy streets of Delhi and Mumbai, and appreciate South India. South India is exceptionally under-rated in terms of its beauty and has been for too long. It’s time people start enjoying what the country has to offer, especially the south. It’s right up there with the best travel spots, so give it a chance if you ever have the opportunity.

5. Dubai

The metropolis in the desert is one of the most popular travel spots in the world. The sheer amount of investment in the area is staggering. Until 50 years ago, the land was nearly barren; Dubai has the tallest building globally and is a travel hotspot for millions of people every year. From the average joe to A-list celebrities, Dubai welcomes everyone.

Chances are you won’t be bored in Dubai. There is so much to see and do that you won’t get the opportunity to get bored. Visit the beaches, go shopping, or experience some of the fun-filled activities.


That concludes our list of some of the places you have to visit if you think you are in a fugue state. These locations are some of the most happening places globally. They can indeed bring about a change in your general life outlook. Travel light, keep plenty of cash in your cards, and make sure you live in the moment. You never know when you might get the chance again, so make sure you take up the chance while you have it.

Now get your travel plans ready! Bring some positive changes to your life this year and appreciate what the world has to offer!

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