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Three Things To Remember While Planning A Solo Trip

The whole experience of a solo trip depends on the individual and the way they have planned it. To make your solo trip experience the most memorable one, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration.

Here are three things to remember while planning a solo trip.

1. The Idea


Now that you have decided to finally take a solo trip, the next difficult thing is to decide which place(s) you plan to visit. This is very crucial since this trip will give you a brief idea on how comfortable you are with travelling alone. Moreover, all your future solo trips will be compared to this one. Needless to state, the Internet today has many blogs, travel agents, websites and books that provide information. So, depending on your preferences and dreams, narrow your options down to 5 and then choose one from it.

Knowing what kind of experiences you’re looking for will make this process a lot easier. For instance, lots of tourists like to get familiar with the local cocktail culture. People traveling to the Pearl of the Orient like to figure out where to find the best drinks in Hong Kong so they can enjoy the nightlife even more. This research will rid you of the unnecessary chaos that you might face.


The place you choose has to depend on several factors, namely, safety, costs, foreigner friendly and food preferences. For this reason, you need to get your priorities in order before finalising the place. The most important factor here is and should be safety, as you will be travelling alone.


Once you have fewer options in your list, it is always better to discuss the idea with your family or friends. Moreover, if possible, also discuss with people who have had been to those locations before, as these people will possess firsthand information. You can ask them questions based on their accomodation, tour operator, places they believe are a must-go spots and the food. On a safer side, also note down emergency contact informations who they might know and would willingly help you in the chosen location.

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2. The Planning

Plan In Advance 

Few places across the globe are known for their unique experiences which should not be missed, such as La Tomatina in Spain or Carnival in Rio. It is essential to know the dates of these events, accommodation in and around this area, and potential expense – are few things that you need to consider before anything else.

Have A Back-up Plan 

This is necessary in case your actual plan falls apart. This way you won’t be disheartened and could always opt for the second best option (even if it means you are driving across the country and not flying abroad). If you are planning to drive across your country, we suggest you to hire a RV or a minibus, but make sure it is well-maintained. Find out more about vehicle maintenance and safety on the Internet before you finalise the deal. It is also best to keep your family updated and informed about your itinerary and back-ups.

Manage Your Expenses 

If you are among the people who are not so good at savings, here is a chance to redeem yourself. While you are planning your memorable solo trip, it can also help you get your priorities right and make your more attentive about your spendings. We suggest you to keep track of your expenses on a daily basis and then figure out what is necessary and what can be put off until after your trip. Keep reviewing your unavoidable expenses during the trip and ensure that you have money in case of emergencies.

3. The Trip

Commute Around The Country/City You Have Chosen 

Majority of towns and cities have metro system, helping many tourists to cut back on their travel expenses while visiting the city. Most of these metro systems and other public transportations are synced with a single travel card. For instance, Hong Kong has an Octopus Card that can be used at the metros and is returned once the trip is over in exchange for the deposit and balance left in the card. On the other hand, Dubai has an app called Wojhati, helping people plan their travel between two places by showing different options (bus and metro).


Airport security does not allow you to carry water past their security check. Hence, it is always wise to carry few empty bottles so that you can fill them in later, instead of paying to buy new ones. To ensure safety, buy a portable water treatment device.

Portable Charger

Do not forget to buy a portable charger before leaving for your trip and charge it even before you charge your mobile phone.


It is always best to email yourself a scanned copy of your passport that could serve as a backup in case you lose yours on the trip.

Download Google Offline Maps as it will save you a lot of time and data during travelling.

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