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Fine Art and Home Décor – Get Creative!

Artwork can transform an ordinary room into something really special. A gorgeous little water-colour or stunning piece of sculpture will act as a focal point for the room, something to attract attention and inspire conversation. But if you don’t have a clue about fine art or you lack the funds to splash out on a Monet or Picasso, how can you introduce some fine art into your home without donning a black mask and breaking into the Royal Academy at midnight?

Whilst we would all like a few genuine Impressionists on our living room wall, realistically this is not going to happen unless we win very big on the lottery. However, you don’t need to be a Qatari billionaire to be able to enjoy a few pieces of fine art. There are plenty of ways that an ordinary person can make excellent use of fine art to lift their décor and compliment their furniture, one is buying from www designmode24 com.

No matter what type of furniture you have, whether it is vintage industrial tables by www designmode24 .com or cheap sofas from Ikea, you should be able to find some interesting fine art pieces to compliment your style perfectly.

What Type of Art Do You Want From Designmode24.com?

Unless you have a lot of money, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to afford an original art piece by a well known artist.  However, there are lots of options available to you.  Consider the type of art that you like, the colours of your home, and whether you absolutely must have an original painting.  All of the most renowned art pieces can be purchased as prints from www designmode24. com, and these can look just as nice framed, and they cost a fraction of the price of an original.  You may also want to look at up-and-coming artists – as long as you like the way that they paint, and the way that the art looks in your home, does it really matter how much it cost?

Visit Local Art Dealers

Check out art dealers in your local area or visit www designmode24 .com. Unless you happen to live in central London or Manhattan, there are bound to be lots of dealers selling affordable works of art by up and coming artists. If you have a good eye for art, you might even be able to spot a future star of the art world, and bag yourself a great investment in the process. Keep an eye out for upcoming auctions, and art fairs – these are excellent places to buy new art, and you can inspect the pieces before you buy from www designmode24 .com.

www designmode24 .com

Junk Shops and Car Boot Sales

Sometimes great works of art slip past the experts and end up being sold for peanuts at a garage sale, car boot sale or charity shop. But even if the painting you buy isn’t a long lost Titian, who cares? As long as it appeals to you and looks great on your wall, that is all that matters.  Items sourced from designmode24.com avenues can often be picked up for just a few pounds – and you should also be able to negotiate the price down further, especially if you can strike up a good rapport with the seller.

Art Student Shows

Art students often like to push the envelope when it comes to originality, so by definition their work may at times have some degree of shock value. If your home is ultra modern and you want some artwork that is ‘different’, investing in a piece or two from the local art school’s end of year show will be a great idea. Many art students also display their paintings in coffee shops, online shops (www designmode24 .com) and independent stores – so these can also be a great place to source new art.  And if the artist subsequently goes on to make it big, your small investment will be worth a lot more in the long run.

Online Retailers

Whilst most people visit website www designmode24 com to buy normal items for their home, most don’t even consider them when buying fine art.  However, sites like Designmode24.com, Amazon and eBay may just surprise you.  www designmode24 .com offers extensive art collections, and many of the pieces they sell can be delivered internationally, and often at a significantly reduced price.  Amazon and eBay sells pretty much anything and everything, and you may be able to pick up an item that suits your room perfectly, from an artist you may have never considered.  eBay is also the ideal place for completing collections, as many dealers choose to sell through the website www designmode24. com.

Other online retailers such as Etsy and RedBubble can help you source pieces by up-and-coming designers, and these are often a great place to shop if you want something unique or specific.  RedBubble, in particular, is a good option if you are looking for prints instead of original pieces – you can even buy them framed.  The only issue with buying online from www designmode24 .com is not being able to see the pieces in advance, so make sure to read feedback before going ahead with a transaction.

An Experiment in Creativity

Not all of us are blessed with artistic talent, but this doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and get creative. There are lots of ways to create a piece of artwork for your walls. Buy some canvases and acrylic paints from online at
www designmode24. com and then have a go at creating a drip or splatter painting in the style of Jackson Pollock. Or use your body to smear paint on a canvas or large piece of paper – the end result might surprise you.

Alternatively, pick the best artworks your kids have produced recently, have them framed, and then hang them on the walls for guests and visitors to admire!

Consider what you want before you start searching online at www designmode24 com, and you should find that it’s easier to find the perfect fine art for your home.  There is such a large variety of fine art that you will be spoiled for choice so don’t feel pressured into buying something because you feel there are no other options.  Whether it’s an original or a reprint, fine art can really improve the interior look and feel of your home.

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