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5 Expert Painting Tips from City Coatings Okotoks

Okotoks house painting can be a DIY job for most any homeowner. However, it is important that the job is done right or a homeowner will have no end of trouble.  Painting a house takes a fair bit of work. It is not as straightforward as some people believe.

Following are our top five house painting tips that anyone painting his or her house should keep in mind.

1. Preparing the Walls

The walls will need to be prepared before they are painted. How much preparation is needed will depend on the condition of the walls. If the old paint is peeling off, then it should be completely removed before a new coat of paint is added. This can be done with either a sanding machine or a paint stripper and scraper.

House painting recommends that you always thoroughly prepare any surface being painted.  Using a paint stripper is fairly straightforward but caution is advised, as the chemicals used in the stripper can be dangerous. Most paint strippers are only for exterior use, but there are some that can be used inside as well. The stripper will need to be applied on the walls with a brush and then left for a set period of time. After that, the paint can easily be removed with a scraper.

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2. A Word about Mold and Algae before Painting

Painting Tips from City Coatings Okotoks

If there is mold growth or Algae on the walls, then this will need to be removed by a professional before house painting should begin. If the house was built before 1978, then the former paint job may contain lead. Lead is an extremely harmful substance and only a certified renovator should remove lead paint from a wall.

A home that was built before 1970 may also contain asbestos. This is another harmful substance, as asbestos dust is known to cause cancer and other health problems. Once again, a professional exterior painters Okotoks experts should be called in to remove this substance from the walls of the home.

3. Covering the Surfaces

It does not take much extra time to cover the surfaces when repainting the home and it is time very well spent. One will want to avoid tracking paint on the carpets or to other parts of the house. All furnishings should be removed from the room and the floor should be covered with brown decorator’s paper. This paper can be purchased at any supermarket or hardware store. Alternatively, dustsheets can be use.  Rest assured when house painting takes the utmost care when decorating the interior and exterior of your home.

Most people are quite careful when painting inside the house but are a bit more careless when painting the home’s exterior. However, a person painting the exterior of the home would do well to realize that paint contains many chemicals that are harmful for plant life. Paint drops on the plants are also not aesthetic. It is a good idea to cover any nearby plants with a dustsheet.

Remember to wash your hands before painting. Dirt on a person’s hands can leave marks on the newly painted walls. Alternatively, one can use latex or vinyl gloves while painting, and even though your hands might get sweaty they will protect your hands from paint chemicals and provide you an easier clean up.

4. A Few Tips about Primers

A coat of primer will make the wall more uniform and ensure that the paint job is even and smooth. Primers also help the paint to stay on the wall instead of peeling off. One should take the time to apply primer when painting the interior or exterior of the home. Using two coats of primer is advisable in certain situations.

Such a primer will last for a long time, ensuring that the homeowner will not have to worry about repainting the walls for a good while. It is important to first of all note what type of surface is being painted. There are some primers that are specifically for wooden, brick, plasterboard, cement or metal surfaces.  The type of paint being used will also determine what type of primer should be used. The simplest option is to choose a universal oil/alkyd primer; such a primer can be used with either oil based or latex paint.  No matter what type of primer is chosen, be sure to follow the instructions given explicitly.

5. Paint, Brushes and Rollers

Choosing high quality paint is of paramount importance. High quality paint will stay on the walls longer without chipping, peeling or discoloration. There are two kinds of paint, oil based paint and latex paint. Each type of paint has its advantages and disadvantages. Latex paint is the most popular option. It is easy to use, dries fast, does not leave a lingering smell and is environmentally friendly. A high quality latex paint will have 100% acrylic resins. The downsides of using latex paint are that brush marks are easier to see and the majority of latex paint cannot be applied to a wall if the temperature is less than 50 degrees, with the exception a rare number of latex paint that can be applied below 50 degrees

Oil based paints are also a good option. Brush marks are not easily seen, the paint is durable and stains are easily removed. Professional house painting experts prefers to use oil based paints as opposed to latex paints.  However, if oil based paint is applied too thickly, it will sag and the homeowner will have to paint over it resulting in an unwanted finish product.  Oil based paint also leave a lingering smell for some time.

Choosing the right brush is also important.  Remember that such a brush can only be used once, after which it will need to be disposed to maintain a high quality of finish. Foam rollers are a good option for larger surfaces, as they give an even finish. However, these rollers should only be used with a latex based paint. We feel that the time saved using a spraying machine cannot make up for the overall quality of a professional brush and roll finish.


Okotoks homeowner who is painting his or her house should do so efficiently and carefully. A coat of paint that is properly applied can last for years. Be sure to prepare all the surfaces properly and use high quality tools and materials. It is worth the extra cost.

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