Get Yourself Prepared for a Kayaking Trip

Get Yourself Prepared for a Kayaking Trip

Kayaking is a water sport activity that involves a small boat known as kayak and a paddle, either a single or double blade. It’s a great and exciting adventure that you will surely remember for the rest of your life. It will make your trip relaxing and more delightful. However, before you proceed to the water and start to paddle, here are some tips that can make your kayak trip remarkable.

Take a Paddle Lesson

A half-day or full-day of basic kayak tutorial will improve your skill, safety, and excitement to the next level. Although it’s not mandatory to do this lesson, this can provide a solid foundation for your future kayak activities. They will mentor you paddling techniques on the water, how to utilize your energy correctly when facing upstream or downstream wind, and many more. Also, an experienced kayak instructor will surely share significant experience on daily trip planning and safety, whether you’re headed out for a short tour or long and multi-day trip.

Know Your Location

Once you finished your short course of kayak training. It’s time for the real adventure. But first, you must know exactly where is your starting point, how to get there and how to return. If you’re not familiar with the places of water that you’re planning to paddle, one good idea to keep you on the right track is by equipping a map. It can help you to check where exactly you are. Aside from the plan, you can also use a GPS. It is a fashionable accessory nowadays for tracking a location instantly. But sometimes, they can be unreliable. So, it’s better to bring a map and put it inside your backpack.

Safety First

It is essential to provide protective safety gear during your paddling adventure to prevent any accident or danger. The minimum safety gear for paddler includes:

  1. Life jacket
  2. Flotation bags
  3. Helmets
  4. Paddle floats
  5. Helmets
  6. Flashlight

Check the Weather Condition

Another thing we need to consider is to check the weather condition before planning any kayak trip. It can make or break your experience. Next, check the water temperature before you proceed. It allows you to determine how cold the water will splash to your body outside. With this, you can prepare ahead of time the dress you will need for your kayak adventure.

Organize Food and Water

Planning a Kayaking Trip

Preparing your food and water needs is one of the critical parts of an excellent trip logistics, particularly on multiple trips. No one likes to paddle with a hungry partner. It can ruin your scheduled activity. Also, you need to bring at least 27 ounces of water if you’re planning to go for a few hours of kayaking. Keeping hydrated will keep your muscles to function better, and it also increases your energy level.

In summary, in planning a kayaking trip, you need to be mindful and aware during the planning process. Pay attention to specific things like what you will do? Where will you go? And how long will be the duration of your upcoming adventure? There are plenty of resources online, guide books, and information about kayaking trips. If you want to experience the best plan activity for your kayak trip, check Jupiter Kayak  Fishing.

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