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How a Good Communications System Can Change Your Business

An ill-suited communications system could cause unnecessary employee hassles and customer frustrations, but a good one can change your business for the better. Often, those positive transitions happen in ways you wouldn’t expect.

It Allows You to Offer More Employee Flexibility

Many of today’s communication systems are cloud-based. As the cloud industry’s current players expand their offerings and continue to look at other ways to appeal to businesses, expect to notice even more advantages associated with cloud telecommunications platforms. The average rates for service may be lower than expected as well, especially if you participate in a promotional deal.

Although there are many advantages associated with a cloud system, one is that they potentially allow employees to work from home during bad weather or even most of the time. Statistics support the benefits of allowing telecommuting by revealing that the vast majority of employees would like to work from home on at least a part-time basis. When employees are happier, they’re more likely to stay at their jobs instead of look for new ones.

Furthermore, this option is cost-effective for employers, who could save up to $11,000 annually by permitting telecommuting. Think of the money saved on office furniture in your physical location, among other things typically purchased to keep your workforce content.

It Makes Workers Feel More Competent

Analyses of workplace evolution often discuss the technical advancements, but they also bring up how modern companies place more demands on employees compared to past eras. Specifically, workers must display higher levels of cognitive competence. The tasks they do are more complex now than in the past. Also, employers expect people to work well in teams and individually, plus show a willingness to continually sharpen their skills.

However, if a workplace phone system is so outdated it doesn’t meet minimum standards of functionality or is otherwise extremely cumbersome to use, employees will likely start to feel they aren’t as skilled at their jobs as they initially thought. If that occurs, the issue creates a domino effect that triggers low morale, a lack of interest in the work performed and high levels of self-doubt.

In contrast, a feature-filled communications platform could build confidence throughout a team, assuring them they possess both the technical know-how and emotional intelligence to excel in their jobs. If you’re thinking about investing in an upgraded communications system soon, it’s a good idea to talk to employees and find out about the capabilities that would help them do their jobs best.

It Could Enhance Customer Perceptions and Defy Premature Assumptions

Some of today’s best phone systems offer seamless transitions to other departments, relevant voicemail messages and on-hold music people actually want to hear. You may not realize it, but it’s often the smaller attributes of a business that add up and cause people to reach conclusions about your company.

In some cases, they might even make assumptions before contacting a representative from your organization. If a customer knows your business only has 20 employees, he or she might not expect it to have a high-tech phone system. However, even if your company’s small, there are several things you can do to make it seem bigger.

You might invest in a good communications system with a call queue that tells customers the approximate time that remains before getting assistance. Also, consider having a plan in place to route calls away from voicemail boxes if customers indicate they’re contacting the company about an urgent matter.

Call routing, videoconferencing, voice mail to text, and multiparty conference chats are among the features you can derive out of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). If your business deals with clients, workers, and investors from various parts of the world, it makes sense to cut back on international call rates. Bank on a flexible communication system using readily available technology like VoIP. Here’s a 2020 guide on VoIP to get you acquainted and started.

Keep in mind that even the most advanced communications options can’t make up for lack of over-the-phone etiquette or basic knowledge of the system. No matter the kind of technology you choose, set aside time for thorough training. When everyone’s on the same page with company expectations, the likelihood goes up that customers will have consistently favorable experiences.

It Reduces Impractical Expenses

Maybe your aging phone system works well most of the time, but whenever something goes wrong, you expect a substantial bill. Or perhaps you haven’t yet fully realized if your employees use a communications platform that fails more than half the time, the problematic technology is significantly hindering productivity. So, you pay workers as much as usual, but they don’t get as much done as they could.

These situations cause you to deal with avoidable expenses. By making a smart move and investing in good communications technology that suits your needs and can scale up for the future, your business can eventually use more of its profits for other things that boost your revenue rather than cut into it, such as attracting new clients.

It Makes Your Business More Mobile While Emphasizing Familiarity

Depending on the nature and scope of your business, many of your employees may travel for conferences, meetings with potential clients or other essential excursions. Being away from home can be at least slightly nerve-wracking for even the most seasoned travelers.

That’s because unfamiliar places make it harder to know what to expect. That reality becomes especially apparent when people have to make phone calls or participate in teleconferences while away from their offices.

However, some phone platforms work on computers and mobile devices as well as phones, allowing people to stay in touch with colleagues or clients while away from home, using systems they know well. The element of familiarity reduces errors and technical difficulties that can happen when people have to resort to using setups at hotels or event facilities.

Also, representatives from your business may regularly attend trade shows to capitalize on the network opportunities. A phone system that functions via a laptop or tablet allows people to go to those gatherings with worry-free mindsets, knowing they can talk to individuals the same ways as in their usual workspaces.

We live in an increasingly mobile society, and that’ll almost certainly be the case for the foreseeable future. When your communication system lets employees stay in touch smoothly as they’re on the go, workers feel less stressed.

These are just some of the many reasons to stop tolerating a phone system that doesn’t facilitate business needs and support future growth. After investing in an upgrade, you can anticipate many of the perks above, as well as numerous others.


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