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6 Types of Crystals Used in the Crystal Chandelier!

With just a touch of crystals and a glitter of light, crystal chandeliers have been the greatest home decor since a long time. They reflect the opulence and luxury and this is why they are the first choice of the connoisseurs of style and decor. Chandeliers have a vast history behind them and it can be traced back to the 16th century, earlier they were used in the monasteries, churches, palaces and even in the private homes of royalty, they were used to create a bold style statement. Their intriguing, intricate and amazing designs in steel, brass and iron would hold the candles, lights and lamps in a voguish way. But, earlier chandeliers were only meant for the facade and decor and not for lighting, but now chandeliers are much more than just a stylish decorative piece. The royal families used to hang chandeliers for long, but lit them only at a special occasion.

The crystals in a chandelier are used to refract the light and creates many striking patterns of light in your space. Also, if there are mirrors in the room, then the look would get more mesmerizing and spectacular. Crystal chandeliers came into existence in the late 16th century, when the transport form of rose quartz known as rock crystal was utilized in order to create the chandelier. With the rough and irregular shape the crystals start getting more sophisticated with the obscure designs and polished and shining glass trimmings.

Many types of crystals are there that can be used in chandeliers, in this blog we are going to talk about them:

1. The Swarovski Crystal

These crystals have been publicized as the finest crystal in the world. These crystals originate from Austria and they are clear like the pure water and beautiful like the flowers in the spring season. We can say that Swarovski crystal is the term that epitomizes the phrase ‘crystal clear’ which is used many a times for clarity. These crystals are available in various colours like gold, silver and many other attractive colours. These crystals can annex a vintage appearance to the chandelier. The chandeliers with Swarovski crystals, light balls, beads, petals and much more would be timeless and elegant simultaneously. If you want one in your home, then you can choose the one with polished brass and Swarovski crystals.

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2. Hand-Cut Crystals

They are highly refractive and works very well on different chandeliers. They can be designed through two different procedures, the first is cutting through an iron and the other is through the sandstone wheel, in which the crystals are polished on a wooden wheel by utilizing the marble dust. Amazingly cut, many of the vintage and antique chandeliers are created with these crystals.

3. Legacy Crystals

These stupendous crystals are also known as venetian crystals, as they are made in Venice. They shimmer very bright and proffer an authentic and contemporary feel to the chandelier. Most of the modern chandeliers are designed by using these crystals. They also comes in elaborated designs and provide a traditional European look to any home and appear graceful in the dining room.

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4. Vintage Crystals

The chandeliers having vintage cut crystals are not just antique, but people actually inherit them from their grandparents. These crystals are brilliantly cut and adorably designed and chandeliers with vintage crystals also feature crystal jewellery and fancy beads. These crystals can be found in various geometric shapes and even like sweet little raindrop beads. They simply make the chandelier spectacular and magnificent.

5. Rock Crystals

They are distinctive and truly magnificent pieces that are being used in chandeliers and even in jewellery item since many years. They shine like a real diamond and these ages old rock crystals can be about billions of years old, as they take long time for formation. The best thing about them is that they remain mysteriously cool no matter what the temperature in the surrounding is. They are a bit difficult to work and completely transparent and this makes them a perfect choice for those who loves elegant style.

6. Lead Crystals

They are made up of glass and are processed by using the lead oxide. These crystals are known to have a high index of refraction and this makes them sparkle in a brilliant way. They are even known as 30% full lead crystals. The lead crystals are used to make chandeliers of high quality and to lit the spaces in a striking way which isn’t possible with any other ordinary chandelier.

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If you want to buy some exquisite crystal chandeliers for your space, then you must check online for some stylish pieces. There are many online stores, which sells chandeliers which contains crystals of various types and high quality. Buy the one that suits your home, ceiling and the walls in the most alluring way.


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