How To Buy Monero in UK, How to Use the Monero GUI Wallet

How To Buy Monero (XMR) In The UK & How to Use the Monero GUI Wallet

As with other cryptocurrencies, Monero (MXR) can be easily obtained online — if you know where to look. In the UK, you may need to first convert your fiat currency — that is, your pound notes — to Bitcoin, or another cryptocurrency, and then trade that for Monero. If you’re wondering where to buy Monero in the UK, here’s a list to get you started.

1. Person To Person Purchasing

The easiest way to purchase Monero using the pound is from a person to person exchange. LocalMonero is an online peer to peer exchange that allows you to trade your pounds for Monero. Because you’re buying XMR from an individual on a person to person exchange, you’ll want to make sure the trades are valid. LocalMonero offers a secure platform to make the trades, and individual seller profiles detail previous seller transactions. Each profile also has a section of reviews made by other buyers who’ve previously worked with the seller.

2. Regular Exchange

If you’d like to trade cryptocurrency on a regular exchange, you may first need to convert your pounds to Bitcoins. CoinCut allows you to easily buy and sell Bitcoins in the UK. Once you’ve purchased your Bitcoins using pounds, you can then exchange them for Monero on a site like CoinSwitch or SimpleSwap.

3. Instant Exchange

Many online instant exchanges allow you to compare currency rates on various websites to get the best trading price. One such instant exchange is Switchain. UK users can input their cryptocurrency preferences and see which exchanges are currently offering the best deals. From there, the Monero can be purchased directly on the exchange’s website.

Buying Monero in the UK is easy. Whether you’re looking to purchase from a peer to peer website or on a regular exchange, you can own XMR quickly. If you’re in need of a safe and secure web wallet to store your Monero once you purchase it, try XMR Wallet. It’s free and requires no registration.


Some Monero (XMR) users like to have access to their XMR wallet from the privacy of their desktop computer. Whilst this isn’t always the best wallet storage option — you can only access it whilst on your computer, after all — it does allow you have remote access from your desktop client. One of the best desktop-based options is the Monero wallet graphical user interface, also known as the Monero wallet GUI. In this short guide, we’ll introduce you to the Monero GUI and show you how to download it from the internet.

What The GUI Does

The Monero GUI wallet is a computer-based application that works in tandem with the Monero network. The GUI allows you to access and review your existing Monero wallets, as well as create new ones as needed. After you’ve downloaded the GUI on your computer, you’ll be prompted to set up a new wallet or import an existing one using a wallet seed (that is, a string of random words that identify your wallet as yours). Once the wallet is set up, you connect to the Monero network using data stored on your local machine or remotely by using a daemon address.

Downloading the GUI

Downloading the Monero GUI wallet is simple. Simply go to and choose the GUI version suitable for your operating system. Once downloaded, you can install the application to run it locally on your machine.

GUI Alternatives

Though fairly easy to navigate and use, the downloaded Monero GUI wallet does take some technical know-how to be able to sync it with the Monero network. Additionally, it can only be accessed from your computer; if you’re away from the vicinity of your PC, you have no way of accessing your Monero coins.

One user-friendly alternative to the desktop GUI is a web-based wallet. XMR Wallet provides an easy-to-use online interface for viewing, storing, sending and receiving your Monero coins. It’s completely free, requires no downloads or technical know-how, and is safe and secure. What’s more, XMR Wallet can be accessed anywhere, on a mobile or desktop browser, wherever an internet connection can be found.

The Monero GUI is a nice secondary wallet to have downloaded on your computer. Use this guide to download your own Monero GUI, and be sure to use XMR Wallet to access your Monero when you’re away from your desktop.


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