How To Clean TOMS Shoes

How To Clean TOMS Shoes Efficiently And Quickly

Do you know how to clean TOMS shoes? The popularity TOMS shoes are going higher and higher day by day. If you have TOMS shoes, then, you will not go a single day without the shoes. The brand new pair shoes will give you warm and fuzzy feeling. Moreover, they are also good to support your heel. In addition, TOMS shoes are another way to be fashionable.

When you can’t go a single day without the shoes, they will become dirty and stinky very easily. Some of the customers reported that they are facing sweaty feet. This is important to clean the shoes in order to remove stains and odors.

How to Clean Toms Shoes By Hand Washing  How to Clean Toms Shoes By Hand Washing

There are several ways to clean TOMS shoes properly to make it near and clean like before. The shoes are highly recommended hand wash in cold water with normal detergent. Air dry is the best way to dry the shoes properly. You should always avoid using a dryer for drying the shoes. Otherwise, the pair of shoes will lose its durability and quality.

The steps to follow washing shoes by hands

  • First of all, you will need to use a brush to remove any dust from the shoes.
  • Secondly, take a small bucket for keeping cold water and mix a small amount of dish soap. Don’t use too much soup because you need only small amount of bubbles.
  • Thirdly, now dip your brush in the detergent water and scrub it at the shoe. You should continue the process until you are satisfied to remove dirt and stains.
  • Fourthly, you can use baking soda in a sachet to keep inside the shoes to remove odor problem.

Step-By-Step Process to Clean TOMS Shoes Using Machine

If you do not want to give pain to your hands, you can use machine wash for cleaning your TOMS. Therefore, you will need to follow the steps:


You will need a bristle brush so that you can remove dust from the shoes before washing. This step is important; otherwise, the water will become too dirty to clean.


In step-2, you will need to turn on the machine. You can use a good cycle for cleaning. However, you must use cold water for cleaning your TOMS.


Wait until half full of the water in your machine. Then, add gentle detergent in the water and wait for a while.


Wait for filling the machine with ¾-water, then, put the TOMS shoes in the machine for cleaning.

The Best Method of Drying Your TOMS

The Best Method of Drying Your TOMS

Many people become confused about drying the TOMS shoes. Also, some prefer using drying machine for drying the shoes. However, this is not the recommended way to dry a shoe.

You should always use direct sunlight to dry the shoes. It is recommended because the process kills any foot bacteria in the shoes. Moreover, clean air helps to remove remaining odor too!


This is the full process of cleaning the TOMS properly. Therefore, clean the shoes properly in order to keep your favorite shoes clean. Do you know more effect way to clean the TOMS? Then, you can also share how to clean TOMS with us and readers of our blog!

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