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How to Hide Away Your House Clutter

Dealing with clutter isn’t always an easy job.  Clearing our homes of enough unwanted and unused belongings to fill a warehouse can be physically – and emotionally – tough. But have you ever noticed how an untidy living space makes for an untidy mind? Living with clutter can really affect our mental wellbeing and our ability to get work done, make decisions and feel in control of our lives.

Eliminating stuff you don’t want is an excellent way not just to build more space into your house and give it a fresh feel – but to give your mind a spring clean too.

In this article, we will explore six ways in which you can effectively hide away your house clutter.

Toilet paper rolls are handy.

Did you know that empty toilet paper rolls can be decluttering heroes? No? Neither did we until we tried it. But with a few cardboard toilet roll tubes, you can tidy up all those charging cables and wires that trail around every modern home causing trip hazards and making rooms look untidy.

If you want to make the loo roll tubes look more appealing, or co-ordinate them with your decor, then try wrapping them with colourful gift wrap, tape or even paint. As cheap home makeovers go, this has to be one of the most useful tips we’ve stumbled upon.

TV cords can stay hidden using a shower rod.

Shiny, new, flat screen, wall-mounted TVs can make your room look instantly more attractive and desirable, but the miles of TV cables and cords it may come with, can have the opposite effect.

TV cords can kill a sleek décor dream, particularly if you’ve got a pale wall, and having them built into the wall isn’t always possible or affordable.

Well, there’s a far less expensive solution which can solve all of your wire issues. This time it’s a shower rod doing the decluttering magic. To get started, purchase a shower rod that is thick enough to accommodate all of your wires. Choose a shower rod which matches your wall colour,  pass your cables through the shower rod and you have a cheap, simple, minimalist solution to cable clutter.

Clear the kitchen counters.

It’s amazing how much of a difference it can make to the look and feel of your home just to clear the clutter from kitchen counters.  Inexpensive storage boxes placed inside the cupboards and drawers can help to organise all the utensils, condiments, paperwork and household bits and bobs that tend to migrate their way on to kitchen work surfaces and add to the sense of a house under attack.

Old books can be used to create hidden storage.

Have a look at this great idea! Not only is it a great method for keeping your clutter under control, but it can be used to hide your valuables and money too, in a place no-one would dream of looking.

Hollow out the inside of a few old books by cutting squares out of the pages, and you can make yourself the kind of hiding place for small trinkets, useful but hard-to-keep-tidy items such as paperclips and post-it notes, or even valuable items, that even James Bond would be proud of!

 You can use a paper towel dispenser as a shelf.

The best decluttering additions to a home are those which have double uses. Think of the sofa that can double as a fold-up bed, or the dining table that doubles as a workstation.

The humble paper towel dispenser has long been thought of as only having one job, when in fact it too has a multipurpose use. Mount your paper towel dispenser to the wall and you also have a shelf for filing away cookery books, paperwork or anything else you can fit behind the wooden rail.

Create extra space by using plastic boxes under your bed.

There is always some extra, under-utilised space under the bed. Don’t just let the area gather dust. Put the things you don’t often use in boxes and store them under the bed. You can keep extra blankets, old bed sheets, shoes and much more beneath your bed.


You will be surprised by the space that suddenly feels available once you are done decluttering. With a few simple, inexpensive tricks, you can pair back the junk and reclaim your home – and a tidy mind – in no time.

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