How to Keep Busy on a Road Trip

How to Keep Busy on a Road Trip

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Have fun on the road trip of your life

Taking a road trip usually comes up pretty high on most people’s bucket lists. Whether you want to do a cross country drive through the States, or you simply want to head over to a different city, all types of road trips are fantastic because they’re all bound the same philosophy: it’s all about the journey, not the destination.

So, when it comes to planning the ultimate road trip, here are some ways to keep busy on the road and make sure your journey is the best it can be.

Listen to a Podcast

Music playlists are everything, but it’s not a road trip until you bust out the awesome podcasts! A quality podcast can keep you and your passengers occupied for hours, so it’s worth having one or two quality podcasts lined up for those times when music is not quite hitting the mark. Look up the latest audiobooks for a thrilling story or check out the latest podcast interviews to find out more about your favorite celebrities.

Play a Game

Is there any better way to pass the time than to immerse yourself in a super fun game? Challenge your friends to a round of 21, where you have to guess what someone is thinking using only twenty-one questions. You could have fun with The Movie Game, where you link connect actors through the movies they have starred in. Alternatively, you could take your games online and connect with friends there instead. Battle it out with a few rounds of online scrabble or play poker online with your friends to pass the time.

Tips for Planning a road trip

Don’t forget to take it all in

Keep a Journal

Travel is a great way to open the mind and re-evaluate what’s important to us. But sometimes those precious moments of reflection are lost once we return to our day-to-day lives. If you’re taking a longer road trip, consider journaling about your journey. Keep a note of everything you see and do, as well as everything you think and feel. There will come a time when you will read back over your adventures, and your notes will remind you of the valuable lessons you learned and the amazing experiences you had.

Learn a Language

If you’re taking a road trip to a different country, why not use the time to brush up on your language skills! There are plenty of free sites and apps out there to help you pick up some of the basics on your travels. Not only will picking up a new language help you to pass the time on your trip, but it will also make it much easier for you to travel around once you reach the destination.

Plan your stops

If there are any unusual or exciting pit stops on your route, plan them out so that you know where to head to when you need to refuel or stock up on snacks. That way, you get the benefit of seeing something awesome while filing the car up at the same time! Double whammy!

So, the next time you take a road trip, remember to enjoy the journey and take as much of it in as you can. You’ll be creating memories for life!

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